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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Winter Creek Reunion


Down a dusty, wash boarded, gravel and dirt road in Southeastern Oklahoma, you will find the Winter Creek Reunion taking place each October. A festival of dulcimer and acoustic music.  Professionals and amateurs, young and old, are all welcome.

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A production of the Red River Valley Dulcimer Club and David’s Dulcimers, it takes place on a working farm. 

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Folks from around the Country attend, filling the RV section of the festival grounds.

IMG_1953 (Medium)

We found ourselves destined to an overflow area with ten or twelve other rigs.  Actually liked our location better as we had shade trees scattered around.  As it was the location for earlier festivals, we had water and electric available.

IMG_1911 (Medium)

Musicians are a trusting bunch. You find instruments laying around everywhere.

IMG_1949 (Medium)

Lessons under tents and trees, along with sheds and shops.

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You could learn dulcimers and steel drums, Sacred Harp singing, and much more.

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There were vendors,

IMG_1927 (Medium)

with any instrument you wanted to learn, or improve your ability on.

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Plenty of fine food was prepared for supper each night. Peeling potatoes even became fun when being serenaded by an impromptu jam session.

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And If playing with a group isn’t your thing, just get yourself a bucket and a friend.

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IMG_1944 (Large)

Quite a week enjoying good friends and great music.  The evening concerts by the instructors and other more talented folks started at 7 PM, and lasted till 10 or so.

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The after concert jam sessions lasted till the wee hours of the morning, or so I’m told.

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Just wish I could play something.Smile


  1. Truly a great time had playing, listening or peeling potatoes. Loved every minute of it. Glad you were there and so thankful for your help with the boys! You are the best!

  2. Looks like you guys have been busy and having fun. Just now getting caught up after a long period of 'radio silence' or at least radio difficulties.
    Safe travels

  3. Looks like a whole lotta fun! Loved your pictures, really liked the collage at the end!

  4. Sounds like fun and you definitely had the best camping area.

  5. What a neat experience!! We had a very good friend that played the dulcimer when we were at Rainbow Plantation. There was a group of them and they could sure play together nicely!! We miss that!
    Looks like you all got the best sites!!! :-)

  6. We love that kind of music. Sounds like we are going to Oklahoma a week too late.

    We are leaving Friday for Perry OK, blacksmith conference. Then to Branson for a few days. Final stop will be Steelville for done of that same kind of music.

  7. Wow...How many ways can you spell FUN......thanks for sharing...enjoy...maybe a video of Wanda on the Dulcimer would be a nice touch...Horst sends


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