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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Bit Early!


DSC_0424 (Medium)

Seems as if my post from a couple of weeks ago contained some gross errors.  It was reported that Spring had finally arrived here in the deep South.  Though there were signs of that actually happening, I should have paid more attention to that groundhog that lives someplace up North. 

It was eighty degrees here Sunday.  A beautiful day that had me out loading some stuff into the truck, checking tire pressures on the truck and Casita, and getting excited about getting on the road again.  Woke yesterday (Monday) morning to temps around 33 degrees, wind chill of 21, and snow flurries.  Quite a change.

This morning we have a temperature of 29, freezing rain and sleet.

IMG_2710 (Medium) 

IMG_2711 (Medium)

I’m sure all the blooms that may remain on the fruit trees are covered in a sheen of ice.

IMG_2713 (Medium)

IMG_2715 (Medium)

The prediction is for it to change to rain soon.  Sure hope so, but you know how those announcements and predictions go……..jc


  1. Wow, Jerry. I'm at a loss for words. We just keep getting hit, don't we?

  2. Ain't it the truth! I've been tempted to get some plants but know I always regret it when I don't follow the rule of thumb: no planting until after Easter.

  3. Know what you mean...it was 25 degrees here yesterday...only good news...no precipitation...to day woke up to 33... a heat wave...saw where l-45 at Corsicana was a parking lot...we where ready to put the tomatoes in the ground... ok well...right now sitting at a Hotel after another eye surgery...so far so good...Horst sends

  4. I am having a terrible time changing my "planting" times - I am still sticking to the "rules" from so many years living in Kansas. But the local flora is sure tempting me. I really do have feelings for those who are still "under the weather". It's coming, it's coming - keep the faith.

  5. Isn't it the pits? We keep thinking winter is finally gone.

  6. The sun is trying to peak through the clouds, water not frozen on the deck and the birds are singing.....hope this is the beginning of the end of winter!

    Home for three nights and almost ready to go again!

    Safe travels!!

  7. Darn.....it won't let up will it!? I'm still sick about those kumquats being lost to the ice down here...hopeful nothing was hurt too bad this round for your home front!

  8. We will take snow any day over that nasty ice stuff!


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