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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yippee! Short Sleeves


We arrived at Gunter Hill COE campground around 3 PM on Friday. Located just out from Montgomery, AL.  As we drove through the campground we saw that a few friends were already here.


Our site was only 185 feet long.  Didn’t know if we were going to get the Casita and truck both safely on.  Glad that I knew how to back a trailer well.


As we were to be here for nine days, I went all out.  The Univ. of Arkansas easy up went over the 8 foot table.  It brings lots of comments as we are LSU fans, and have the appropriate signs on the truck.  The awning is out, and staked securely.  Seven chairs scattered around. And, a load of firewood delivered to the site.


Recently renovated, this is the nicest Federal campground we have visited.  Great paved roads, concrete sites, and full hookups make it a deal, even without the geezer pass.  Lots of space between sites and there are dozens of prime sites.  Haven’t seen a one that I would complain about among the 75 sites, here.


Being Sunday afternoon, most of the weekenders are pulling out, and fiberglass can be seen shining through the trees in both directions.  Another day or so and we will have taken over Catoma loop.  It’s going to be a great week.


View from my chair.


Oh, almost forgot.  The sun is shining and I’m in a short sleeve shirt.  Maybe shorts, tomorrow……….


  1. I am on the move today looking for shorts and tee shirt weather also. Thanks for the info on the campground. My July, August and September is planned for Alabama.

  2. YEA!!!!!! The best park ever and you are set up for honking good time! The park I got to meet tinycamper! Can't believe it is Green Eggs and Ham already...oh yes, guess it is March! So glad you are there...weather looking perfect! If you go into Prattsville....great Cajun place downtown....buffet style! HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  3. Looks like a great spot. I need to check it out sometime.

  4. I enjoyed my time at Gunter Hill also, but I only had electric and water. Very spacious sites.

    Considering I'm further south than you, I'm jealous of your short sleeve weather!

  5. We really enjoyed Gunter Hill, but did not enjoy the ice storm that hit and kept us there for more days than planned. Everything was covered in ice, but the Spanish Moss had none. Enjoy your time there.

  6. After reading your post, can't wait to get there! By my calculations you could put 4 1/2 rigs on your driveway!

    I've been checking the 10 day forecast for Montgomery for weeks. Sure hope it does not disappoint!

  7. Jerry, so glad to see that everything is working out right for a change! It's beautiful there! Enjoy!

  8. Keep that weather nice...we'll be on our way soon!!! Love your site! Not sure we have waterfront but that's ok, we'll be camping!!! YAY!!!!

  9. Awesome CG....Don't know how I missed that with the Gkids last summer....definitely on my "must camp here" list....can't imagine backing up Ms. Casita 185 feet...I would wipe out half the CG....enjoy...and I'm sure you're going to share some of your super sunset/sunrise photo's...Horst sends

  10. Cool!! We would even fit in that park!!! I think you should give me the Razorback tent and I will find you a LSU one! :))

  11. Wow, looks like a great spot. You could have fit several eggs in that site. Have fun.


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