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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Green Eggs


An annual gathering of molded fiberglass trailers, along with a few of the so called stick built variety, took place this past week in Gunter Hill COE campground, near Montgomery, AL.  Known as the Green Eggs and Ham Rally, it is a fun time of renewing old friendships; as well as creating new friends among the first timers.

Someone commented about seeing more trailer pics, so here goes.  There were dressed Casita’s;

DSC_0534 (Small)

and naked ones.

DSC_0537 (Small)

Sporty ones;

DSC_0512 (Small)

and shorter ones.

DSC_0510 (Small)

Escapes, and Scamps.

DSC_0509 (Small)

DSC_0513 (Small)

DSC_0516 (Small)

Texan’s and Irish.

DSC_0528 (Small)

DSC_0519 (Small)

There was also Dutch oven cooking; biscuits and cornbread.

DSC_0542 (Small)

DSC_0553 (Small) DSC_0554 (Small)

And Gumbo!!

DSC_0561 (Small)

But, most of all it was friends,

DSC_0563 (Small)

DSC_0569 (Small)

DSC_0570 (Small)

DSC_0572 (Small)

DSC_0568 (Small)

DSC_0573 (Small)

that make it all worthwhile.  I probably took two hundred photo’s.  No way to post them all, but I think you get a feel for all the fun and fellowship.  Looking forward to doing it again, next year.


  1. Looks like a real good time. That Dutch oven cooking looks like a great idea.

  2. Thank goodness for Bess... :). Fun post! Some good looking rigs and FOOD! HAPPY ST. P DAY you two!

  3. Thank goodness for Bess... :). Fun post! Some good looking rigs and FOOD! HAPPY ST. P DAY you two!

  4. It was a lovely week....enjoyed it more than any previous rally!

    We are going to order David one of those T shirts....If lost, return to Lynne!

  5. Replies
    1. There actually were "green eggs" of different varieties at the pot luck, along with a couple of hams. The problem is that I was so busy adding some to my plate that I forgot to get pictures. :-)

  6. Looks like a lot of fun was being had. Thanks for all the photos of the rigs, so cute.

  7. I like that t-shirt, "if lost return to Bess".....appears that all had a great time, even with some rain and cold weather....thanks for sharing....I guessing Mother Nature didn't provide a sunset Photo Op.....have a safe trip back or wherever you two are going...Horst sends

    1. The lay of the land didn't lend itself to sunset photos, and I was too lazy to get up for the sunrise's.:-) Hope things are going well with you.

  8. Great pics of the different rigs...especially like the t-shirt pic. We had a great time and hope to build on some friendships at the next rally we attend. Glad we got to meet you and Wanda!


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