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Friday, January 30, 2015

Another Rainy Day!


IMG_3586 (Medium)

I thought the Arizona desert was a very dry environment with little, or no, rain.  Seems we brought some with us from the deep South.  We had rain most of Monday and it started again last night.  Puddles standing around the trailer this morning, and the forecast is for up to a half inch total before it’s done.

IMG_3587 (Medium)

While talking with the refuge volunteer we learned that there was a good possibility of seeing Desert Sheep back in a canyon near where we are camped.  A four wheel drive road accessed, and went up the canyon.  Though it was overcast yesterday, Jim and I decided to give it a shot.  We drove four miles back to the mouth of the canyon in my truck, but hiked the canyon, itself.

IMG_3559 (Medium)

Jim checking out a remote rain gauge.

IMG_3561 (Medium)

Lots of hidey holes.

IMG_3566 (Medium)

IMG_3569 (Medium)

We hiked a little over four miles up the canyon, but saw little wildlife except birds.  Found quite a cluster of these nests.  I’m sure Judy can identify the species.

IMG_3576 (Medium) IMG_3577 (Medium)

IMG_3578 (Medium)

Finally reached our turnaround point.  Actually thought we would break out the top of the canyon and catch a better view to the East.

IMG_3573 (Medium)

But the canyon just kept going onward and upward.

IMG_3572 (Medium)

On the way back toward the truck.

IMG_3583 (Medium)

Skull cave?

IMG_3579 (Medium)

A pleasant sight.

IMG_3585 (Medium)

An eight mile desert hike. Pretty good for two old guys…..jc


  1. Soon as I saw the picture of Skull Cave I knew exactly where you guys were hiking. That's a great hiking & Jeeping area back in there behind Palm Canyon. There's supposedly a natural water tank somewhere up behind skull cave but after climbing around up in the there we couldn't find it. Might want to check out 'Ladder Tank'. Your probably not too far from it. Here is my post from nearly a year ago to the day we set out to find Ladder Tank.

  2. Desert humidity seems odd. Like you, I think we brought it with us. Nice hike!

  3. If there were a bunch of those nests in one area, I would guess cactus wrens. That is just a guess though. Thrashers will nest in the cacti as well.

  4. That skull cave looks downright menacing! I am surprised at the nests in the cacti. I guess it's like how clownfish can swim among anemones and not get stung. Sorta!

    With your rainmaking abilities, I bet California would love for you to visit them. :)

  5. Nice looking hike. I remember Al posting about some of this canyon before. All the rain should make wildflowers profuse.

  6. Rain here also...but only a few sprinkles last night and miSt this morning. Very impressive...8 miles.
    We are loving this boondock.

  7. Eight miles...I'm impressed....Looks like a great area for wandering and solitude.....thanks for sharing ...though I'm envious....Horst sends

  8. That's some fine habitat building and design!!!! Got a question...what's your favorite COE in NE Mississippi around Aberdeen...many to choose from? Heading out March 1...and figure you might be able to chime in!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Not familiar with any coe along tenn-tom. we mostly travel i55. there are some nice ones btwn jackson and memphis. all weve stayed st were nice. good luck.

  10. Yep, eight miles is a pretty good hike for anyone!


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