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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What’s Happening!


The last two days have been kind of a blur.  Though we are still camped in the same place in the Kofa NWR, we’ve been busy.  Woke on Tuesday morning, following Monday’s rain, to fog.

IMG_6459 (Medium)

The sun was trying to make an appearance on the mountains to the West.

IMG_6478 (Medium)

Started the day with a hike to the top of a nearby hill, cinder cone, whatever.

IMG_3543 (Medium)

Looking down on the desert floor.  Those three white dots are Casitas at our campsite.

IMG_3533 (Medium)

The afternoon found us at Crystal Hill.

IMG_3556 (Medium)

I found a couple of pretty nice ones.  Pictures in another blog, maybe.  All that was followed by an awesome sunset on “our” mountain.

IMG_6513 (Medium)

Today found us in Yuma for a daytrip.  Visited the old territorial prison.

IMG_6525 (Medium)

IMG_6529 (Medium)

IMG_6530 (Medium)

Had a great lunch at a restaurant called “The Garden”.  From there it was to Walmart, and a local produce stand.

IMG_6562 (Medium)

Lots of good stuff.  Yuma calls itself the Winter vegetable capitol of the Country.  Growing three crops on the same piece of land each Winter.

IMG_6560 (Medium)

A stop at the Yuma Proving Grounds wrapped up the day.

IMG_6564 (Medium)

A very busy two days.  But of all the things we did, this is always my favorite.

IMG_6575 (Medium)



  1. Gorgeous sunset! I like getting produce around Yuma. Can't wait to get back to the desert.

  2. You too have been busy! We need a trip to the Yuma area, I want to go to the dentist in Algodones.

  3. Award winning photo of your rig, clouds and glowing mtn!

    Looks peaceful!

  4. I love that photo of your Casita at sunset. It could be an ad for Go RVing!

  5. From Del Rio Texas, It is a great spring in he desert this year.
    Thanks for the photo tour.

  6. I agree with Jim and Gayle. Super shot!

  7. Seeing that prison ought to keep anyone on the straight and narrow:)

  8. Boy, that looks like my kinda place to camp and explore...and those sunset photos are "top self"..thanks for sharing....I think there is a Law against having this much fun!!!...Horst sends


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