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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.


We left the madness of Quartzite yesterday, heading for somewhere quiet and peaceful.  Found both in the Kofa Wildlife Refuge about twenty miles south, off Highway 95.  A beautiful spot for three Casitas, and friends.  Sally was SO happy.

IMG_6350 (Medium)

Very little traffic passing by. Only folks visiting Palm Canyon.  A wonderful hostess at the boundary made us feel more than welcome.

IMG_6356 (Medium)

IMG_6361 (Medium)

We did drive back into Quartzite today for the first annual Bloggerfest.  Was great to shake the hands of many we felt we knew, but had never met. 

IMG_6377 (Medium)

Also got to pet this famous dog.

IMG_6381 (Medium)

I’m sure there will be many blogs with lots of information on the event.  I’m going to leave it up to them for the fine details.  Headed outside to enjoy the evening sounds of the desert.  I’ll have more pictures of our awesome surroundings tomorrow.…jc


  1. So great to meet you and Wanda and Sally! And doesn't the Casita look beautiful in the light of the setting sun? Or is it the other way around? Hope to see you guys again soon. Maybe next week.

  2. Living the dream! Casitas look like they belong in desert sunsets, don't they?

    Glad to hear the Bloggerfest turned out so well!

  3. I'd recognize that famous dog anywhere! Isn't KOFA beautiful!

  4. It was really nice meeting you today at Bloggerfest. Now, all I need to do is jump back on the blogging wagon.

  5. Congrats on being the first one to post on the Bloggerfest! It was great to meet you in person.

  6. It sure was good seeing you two again. I can't do the Q thing. Peace and quiet is more my style...

  7. Nice meeting you both (and Sally!) this afternoon. Looks like we'll have to make it to Kofa...the scenery looks for great hiking!


  8. We missed introducing ourselves yesterday--what a fun time it was! We wondered about camping out in the dispersed area along the road to Palm Canyon--it's beautiful! We like solitude, quiet & few ATV's & this sounds like the perfect spot. Hope to meet you at Blogger-Fest 2. Until then, safe travels.

  9. A great gathering and was nice to meet you both. I like the look of that quiet camp.

  10. I read Kevin's and Ruth's blog before yours and I do believe I saw you there!

    Safe travels!

  11. Looks Like a great time was had by all...nice to meet folks whoe's Blog you read...and others...WOW...like those photo's, of course I am partial to sunsets with a Casita in them...You did good!...take care and safe travels...Horst sends

  12. It was nice meeting you at the BloggerFest - there were so many people there, I was surprised. I think a good time was had by all! :)

  13. How fun to see everyone in person.... seems we missed seeing Sally.
    We too love staying at the Kofas.


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