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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Palomas, MX

And, the Pink Store.

Just a couple of miles South of Columbus, New Mexico is Palomas, Mexico.  A very small, rural village right on the border.  About the only thing Palomas has going for itself is the Pink Store.  I was so enamored, I forgot to take a picture of the exterior, so this is one a friend posted on Facebook.


It’s filled with lots of stuff.  All of it colorful.

IMG_4446 (Medium)

IMG_4447 (Medium)

Need a chicken?

IMG_4451 (Medium)

Or, maybe a platter to serve one on.

IMG_4449 (Medium)

More stuff.

IMG_4452 (Medium)

We had a wonderful early supper in the cantina/restaurant.

IMG_4454 (Medium)

A number 10.

IMG_4458 (Medium)

But the ticket was a bit disturbing.

IMG_4459 (Medium)

All those Roca’s add up.  Thankfully, those were Peso’s rather than dollars.

After making a couple of other purchases, we slipped back across the border.  Thankfully, Wanda hadn’t enjoyed as many Roca’s as me, and returned us safely to the campground in Columbus…..jc


  1. Mmmmm ... that #10 looks delish!

  2. So you have been to one of my favorite places. Your camera, and/or your skill, produces some incredible colors.

  3. We have our passports and have not used them in 3 years. Maybe we should see this Pink Store!

  4. I my try that crossing next trip....Food looks great....Horst sends


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