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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lake Agnes

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Another day while camped at Chambers Lake, we took a short drive over the pass to the Western side of the Continental Divide.  Our destination was Lake Agnes, accessed by a Colorado state park called State Forest.  After paying a daily entrance fee of $7.00 per vehicle, we started the climb to the parking area.  I’ve driven better jeep roads, but the old Chevy got us there.

Lake Agnes is truly an Alpine lake.  Tucked into the Never Summer Range, it’s a scene often depicted on postcards and jigsaw puzzles.

IMG_9934 (Medium)

IMG_9936 (Medium)

The blue/green color of the water was beautiful.

IMG_9943 (Medium)

 IMG_9948 (Medium)

Our friends, Mike and Gail, who recomended all these wonderful places.

IMG_9954 (Medium)

Columbine.  I didn’t even see the bee until I downloaded the picture.

IMG_9956 (Medium)

Sally and Rudder watching the trailhead, waiting for our return.  Wanda was glad to dog sit on this one.

IMG_2020 (Medium)

Mike and Gail have a pair of kayaks that have the option of foot power.  I got to give one a try.  Sally was a bit concerned.

IMG_2022 (Medium)

IMG_2025 (Medium)

I have to say that this is the way to go.  Propel the flippers with your feet, and steer the rudder with a lever beneath your left hand.

IMG_2030 (Medium)

IMG_2052 (Medium)

Wanda watching from our campsite.

IMG_2053 (Medium)

The view from our campsite.

IMG_2064 (Medium)

Mike and Gail had to return home on Friday, but we were lucky enough to keep our FCFS site for the weekend.  We watched as the laid back weekday crowd of fishermen, kayakers, and hikers gave way to the thirtysomething crowd with lots of tents, dogs, kids, and noise.  We spent most of the weekend reading, napping, and watching the show from our screen room.

Not sure where the next post will come from.  Hopefully another beautiful place like this…jc


  1. Great scenery! What a great place to spend time.

  2. There's a Lake Agnes in Banff National Park, and it's a similar beautiful little alpine lake.

  3. Beautiful scenery and a great place to spend a little time. Hey, I bet you really enjoyed the kayak.

  4. Now that's what I call "living the good life". What a magnificent looking place to relax and explore...safe travels...Horst sends

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