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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Never Summer Mountains.

IMG_9892 (Medium)

Our landscape has changed considerably since our last post.  From highs near the triple digits to cool mountain air.  We’re camped at Chambers Lake cg, near the northern edge of Rocky Mountain national park.  Casita friends live in Loveland, CO, so we were able to hook up with them for a few days of fun and fellowship.

Their campsite just below us.

IMG_2063 (Medium)

The first morning we were there, I hooked Sally on her leash, grabbed my coffee, and headed out the door as usual.  Just as Sally’s feet hit the ground, she stopped and growled toward the rear of the trailer.  What a surprise to see a moose cow and calf walking across the rear of our site.  So glad I had put the leash on inside.  She stopped and started eating willows behind the trailer.

IMG_2003 (Medium)

IMG_2010 (Medium)

They soon made their way across the cg, around the end of the lake, and back into the woods.

IMG_2011 (Medium)

After all that excitement, and breakfast, we settled on a drive to the border of Rocky Mountain NP.  We were in search of the Colorado River.  We left the pavement and drove 24 miles of gravel road to the park boundary.

IMG_9893 (Medium)

Along the way, we spotted seven more moose.  Single cows, and what I assumed were juvenile bulls.

IMG_9911 (Medium)

IMG_9916 (Medium) IMG_9923 (Medium)

The water in these two ponds mark the beginnings of the Colorado River. 

IMG_9904 (Medium)

With only one outlet, the water starts its journey.

IMG_9895 (Medium)

IMG_9897 (Medium)

IMG_9906 (Medium)

We had a great day together.  Even stopped on the way back to the cg to see another moose.

IMG_9927 (Medium)

One made of barbed wire.

IMG_9928 (Medium)

As Judy used to say, that brings us to

IMG_9912 (Medium)

the END…jc


  1. Great post and photo's...haven't stopped smiling on you straddling the "mighty Colorado" ...I'm envious as I sit here in 105 degree heat...safe travels my Friend. Horst sends

  2. Wow, that is awesome seeing and standing over the might Colorado river at it's beginning point. What a great find and a lot of moose pics as well. Beautiful country side.

  3. Ah...the Rockies. It's been way too many decades since there. I am envious of you straddling the Colorado River.


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