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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Three Book Week!

It has gotten to that time of year.  I grew up hearing the phrase, three dog night, in reference to how many dogs it would take to keep you warm on a really cold night.  Never heard about a single dog night, or even two.  Only three dog nights, as a description of the really cold ones.
These last few days have been what I call a three book week. They come along regularly this time of year.  The old library card gets a real workout.  Michael Connelly, Lawrence Block, Lee Child, J. A. Jance; and many more become my best friends again. Usually average three a week.  When it’s too nasty to spend much time outside and the Casita is still parked under the shed, there’s nothing better than getting into the middle of a murder investigation with Harry Bosch, or helping right a wrong with Jack Reacher.
I don’t do much reading while we are on the road.  Too many other things to occupy our minds.  A couple of paperbacks can last us a month or more, but I always catch during the Winter months.
We did find time to do another Christmas parade.  This one was at night in a nearby town.  We still had some flags from the earlier parade and thought we would participate so we could give them all away.
We had some really good help this time.  He was shouting Merry Christmas the entire parade.
A really fun time, especially for the four year old!!
Just put a pork butt on the smoker for part of the holiday dinner.  By the time it’s done, there should be plenty of side items ready to go along with it.
That leaves plenty of time to just settle back down in the recliner and see if I can help ol’ Harry Bosch with this latest murder.
Wanda and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and the best New Year.  May you spend the holidays doing what you most enjoy, but  please take a moment and remember the real “Reason for the Season”…………………….jc


  1. Jack Reacher....Harry Bosch... two of my favorites. Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!

  2. I love Jack Reacher too! Got a new one on the Kindle, haven't started it yet.

  3. It's become a tradition for us to listen to a Reacher novel while we're driving. Sure makes the miles fly by. Love Michael Connelly and JA Jance too. We should do a book exchange!! Merry Christmas to you and yours and as you celebrate the birthday of The King.


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