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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Gone! They said it would be like this.

 Hard to believe that 2011 is already over.  Seems like just a few days ago we were ringing in the New Year.  The Y2K fiasco seems to have happened just a couple years ago.  Like my dad said, “you just wait”!
The year was a good one as far as traveling, though.  The past February it was a week in the Texas hill country.  March found us in Alabama at what started as a few folks meeting over the St. Patrick's Day weekend and turned into a week long gathering of nearly 40 rigs.  The birth of the Green Eggs and Ham Rally.  Already over 40 rigs signed up for 2012.
April found us spending a week or so with friends doing the Louisiana Geocache challenge.  From there it was back home preparing for our journey Westward.  That’s when the blog began, and I’ll not bore you with a repeat of all that.
We had a wonderful, though rainy, Christmas.  Rained hard for two days, but we needed it.  By Thursday it had warmed up again to short sleeve weather.  Had the mower out yesterday doing the final grass cutting of the year.  Must be something to that global warming.
The neighbor is out of town for a few days and I have been doing a little farm sitting.  The scenery isn’t nearly as good as where Al  is doing his, but it’s still fun to take care of the animals, so to speak.

IMG_5821 (Medium) IMG_5646 (Medium)

A look down the lane to the farmyard.  The old farmstead is still standing, though no one has lived there for over 50 years.

IMG_5692 (Medium) IMG_5661 (Medium)

We have Jacks and Jenny’s, Pigs and Goats.

IMG_5649 (Medium) IMG_5653 (Medium)

Large and small!

IMG_5651 (Medium) IMG_5664 (Medium)

The young ones love to play king of the hill.

IMG_5665 (Medium)

And the winner is………….

IMG_5667 (Medium)

There are ducks and Deere.

IMG_5670 (Medium) IMG_5675 (Medium)

and cattle, too.

IMG_5709 (Medium) IMG_5718 (Medium)
IMG_5726 (Medium)

A Contented Cow.  Who remembers “the contented cows”?

Plenty of farm stuff all around.  You never throw away anything.  Never can tell when you might find a use for it.

IMG_5679 (Medium) IMG_5695 (Medium)IMG_5696 (Medium) IMG_5697 (Medium)

I think farmers were recycling long before it became the popular thing to do.

IMG_5730 (Medium) IMG_5734 (Medium)

Another great day in the country.  What a way to end the year.  Bright sunshine and warm temperatures.

IMG_5729 (Medium) IMG_5745 (Medium)

As the year comes to a close, just remembering all the new friends we met around the Country this past year brings joy to our hearts.  Hopefully the coming year will be even better.  Plan to get a jump start this year.  A January trip is in the planning stage.

To all who may read this; wishing you a very Happy New Year.  May your trails be level and your pathways straight!!…..
IMG_5708 (Medium)

The End………….jc


  1. Nice ending, JC! Level and straight is a good thing. :)

  2. Happy New Year!! Wishing you many more happy memories and safe travels in 2012!!

    Love the farm pics!!

  3. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos of your adventures. May this new year be just as interesting, and we'll look forward to lots more pictures of great sunny destinations.

  4. Great looking place thanks for sharing...May 2012 bring continued happiness and good health...hope to see you this year at Natchez...Horst


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