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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Great Trip

IMG_1026 (Medium)

Despite the alligators, we caught three in three days, it was another great fishing trip on the Trinity.  I’m blessed to be a member of a large extended family with many different interests.  Thankfully, one of those members enjoys sharing his hobby with me.  Within a half hour of arrival we were on the river in the cousins boat.  He had some lines out, and we set a few more.  Monday morning found us taking lots of fish off the lines.

IMG_1096 (Medium)

IMG_1098 (Medium)

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday, with another big one in the mix.  Mondays largest was 17 lbs. and Tuesdays hit the scale at 22 lbs.

IMG_1132 (Medium)

IMG_1131 (Medium)

IMG_1135 (Medium)

Hard to believe fishing this good so close to Houston.  Pipeline crossings everywhere along the river.

IMG_1050 (Medium)

Twelve different ones at this one location.  Gasoline, oil, CO2, chemicals I cant even spell.  There were even abandoned ones back in the woods.  Wonder what they carried back in the day?

IMG_1102 (Medium)

IMG_1104 (Medium)

Overall, it was another great trip to the Texas low country.

IMG_1107 (Medium)

Lots of fishing, eating, and just plain old visiting on the river bank.  Till next time……..jc


  1. Love that last picture. Even the dog is enjoying sitting on a lawn swing overlooking the river. How very peaceful that looks.

  2. Now those are some buckets of fish!

    It seems like I read about a hot air balloon rally in Alabama in May. Will you and Wanda be going to that one?

    1. Alabama Jubilee in Decatur, AL; over Memorial Day weekend. Great festival. Can't make it this year. Grand daughter graduating in Natchez on Friday night of event. Hopefully, we'll make it again next year.

  3. Big J next time take largeer hooks, so the BIG ones won't get away.


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