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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Maumelle Campground


IMG_6810 (Medium)

We departed Northern Arkansas in a heavy rain, and wound up driving through heavy showers most of the way to Little Rock.  I had met a guy while we were in Hot Springs that mentioned Maumelle COE campground.  He said it was one of the finest COE facilities he had ever visited.  I think he is correct.

Located just West of Little Rock, on the Arkansas River, it is a jewel of a campground. There’s plenty of space between sites, with lots of grass and wood between.  The rate was $13.00 for a premiere site with the use of the NPS pass.

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As the clouds and rain arrived about the same time we did, the best thing was to grab a book and a beverage, and just enjoy our surroundings.

IMG_6815 (Medium)

There was an island out in the river in front of our site.  We looked up one time and saw these three deer stepping off the island into the river.  They frolicked around for about 10 minutes before climbing back up on the bank and disappearing back into the foliage.

IMG_6817 (Medium)

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The rain wasn’t much more than a drizzle, so we grilled a couple of pork chops for dinner, then walked around the campground.  They have close to 100 sites scattered up and down the river.  I didn’t see a bad one, anywhere.  This will probably be stopping point from now on, when we are traveling through the area.

We were treated to a nice sunset as the clouds begin to break up.  Nothing like a great sunset to lift one’s spirits.  As we set there watching the subtle changes of light and shadow; it was hard to think about being anywhere else.

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Just another day; doing what we enjoy.  Some days, it’s a lot; others are like this, not much of nothing……….Thanks for looking……jc


  1. Gorgeous photos! And you really are in my neck of the woods now. The family farm is only about 60 miles south of where you are!

  2. Looks like a slice of Paradise!

    BTW, Blogger apparently changed something because I can comment now. :)

  3. I have enjoyed all but one COE park that I've stayed at. You found another beauty.

  4. Gorgeous photos! That is a really beautiful park, also.

  5. I have really enjoyed your Arkansas posts. A part of me feels at home there. Strange!?

  6. We were supposed to go to the Maumelle COE this April but went to the Smokies instead. Every blogger who has posted about this campground raves about it. There is supposed to be a very good bike path there that goes into town. I'll be watching your posts carefully for your experiences in the area! Enjoy!

  7. We've never experienced a bad COE and it looks like Maumelle is another jewel!! Those deer look like they are walking on water....neat!! Love your sunset :-)


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