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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moving on East and South

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We departed Maumelle, headed for Memphis, TN.  Our friends we balloon with have a beautiful ten acre spread in Collierville, and that was our destination for the day.  They have hookups for a RV, and we were all set up and relaxing in the shade when they arrived home from their business.  After hugs all around, we spent a couple of hours visiting before going out to dinner.  Out first experience at one of those Japanese steak houses.  Quite an experience for an old country boy.  Was about ready to call the fire department with all those flames and smoke on the grill.  Really had a great time. Quite a show, and good food , to boot.  We had an  enjoyable evening with them, as it had been nearly six months since out last meeting.

Received word that our granddaughter’s team was in the state playoffs, and would be playing a school near Sebastapol, MS.  As this was sort of on the way home, we decided to make the game a stop along the way.  Started looking for a place to stay and came up empty.  A small 1A school in the middle of nowhere.  Finally settled on a small waterways park about 25 miles away.

As I was looking at the map to see what route we would take, I noticed the emblem for a state park near Sebastapol.  Googled it, and found it listed on Reserve America.  How lucky was that?  I looked at the sites and saw that none were reserved, so we just headed in that direction.

We found another hidden jewel.  Golden Memorial State Park.  A woodland park with eight fantastic RV sites with W/E.  Sites 1-4 have their own personal deck overlooking the lake from a high hill.

IMG_6957 (Medium)

IMG_6954 (Medium)

A view from the deck, down toward the small lake.

IMG_6956 (Medium)

The park was old, probably created in the 40’s of 50’s, judging from the swimming area and all the old pavilions scattered around the lake.  Bet there were lots of family reunions and swim parties held there in years past.  The name itself is in honor of an old one room schoolhouse that once stood on the site.  There were four new cabins overlooking another part of the lake.

IMG_6856 (Medium)

IMG_6854 (Medium)

Overall, it was a another fantastic find.  Only about four miles from the ball field.  We stayed there two nights and were the only folks in the park other than the Ranger which lived onsite.  Headed home, tomorrow.  OBTW;  We won the ballgame……jc

And a late question for all you bloggers out there.  What magic button do I need to click to allow comments to show up automatically on my posts.  Tried to google an answer, but got nowhere. I can see where comments have been made, but I have to click on comments to read them.  I notice most everyone else’s appear below their posts.  Thanks in advance…..jc


  1. Go to Design on the top right side of your blog, when it opens you will see a list of items on the left, click on Settings, then select Post and Comments. Under Comments, make the adjustments to Who can comment and Comment Moderation. Hope this helps!

    Wonderful park pictures.


  2. Jerry, am trying to get use to this new form for blogspot. I just experimented doing a couple of things so the comments would automatically show at the end of the posting. It worked once; but not now. Looks like, of the 20+ I follow, it's the same story, have to click and the comments come up as a popup. Oh, just changed something and once I opened my embedded comments on the first one, all the comments showed up on the following posts. Let's see what did I do? Go to "Settings"; "Posts & Comments". I changed "Comment Location" to "Embedded". Be sure to Save Settings. Try that. You may currently have your "Comment Location" to Popup - Embedded will put them at the end of your post. Clear?

    1. Thanks, Emily and Longdog. I have tried those options a number of times. I can hide the comments which it does, but when I embed them, it just shows I have comments which I must open. I may just be one of the lucky Blogger users with a glitch. Guess I should be thankful it's nothing worse. Thanks again. If anyone else has a recommendation, please share it.....jc

  3. Your campsite with the deck looks awesome! And an unpopulated campground makes it even better! I would like to camp there.

  4. Jerry, if you just go to your main blog page, the comments don't show. If you click on the post's title, it takes you to a page where both the post and all the comments show below the post.

    It's the same with my Wordpress blog.

    BTW, what a wonderful find that small state park was. And congratulations on the win! :)

    1. OK. That works. I couldn't figure out how I could see other folks comments, but not my own. That explains why, and it works just like you said it would. Hard to teach old dogs new tricks. Thanks......

  5. Wow!! Finding a hidden gem such as this campground is awesome!! Your site was just fantastic!! Congratulations on the win!!

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