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Monday, February 11, 2013

Anza Borrego State Park

Borrego Springs, CA

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We departed the Dome Rock area of Quartzite, AZ yesterday around 11 AM.  It was tough to leave the area after spending most of six days with friends, both old and new.  There were approximately 80+ rigs of one kind or another there, and we had a great time.  Looking forward to doing it again one day.

We traveled 150 miles or so into California and the town of Borrego Springs.  Located in the center of the huge Anza Borrego state park, it is a neat little town.  Scattered around the desert close to town are these metal sculptures.  They are a gift to the town from a benefactor and created by sculptor Ricardo Breceda of Temecula, CA.

Most all are larger than life and represent the creatures, both animal and human that may have called the valley home sometime in the last few million years.

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Actually crosses under the road.

IMG_0627.1 (Medium)

A few of the others on the North side of town.  There are many more to the South.  We’ll see those tomorrow.

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IMG_0604.1 (Medium)

IMG_0609 (Medium) IMG_0630.1 (Medium)

IMG_0637.1 (Medium) IMG_0657.1 (Medium)

Dancing dinosaurs.

IMG_0645.1 (Medium)

And other creatures.

IMG_0665.1 (Medium)

IMG_0671.1 (Medium)

Vineyard worker.

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That’s all for now…..jc


  1. Great photos! We didn't get to say goodby to you! We're still at Dome Rock with a dozen or so other eggs. We stayed one brief night at Anza-Borrego State Park on our way to San Diego & only sort of saw some of these structures. Wish we'd taken more time now to check them out. Safe travels. . .

  2. On my list of things to see next time am in Calif/Nevada desert. Good pictures.

  3. very,very good photos! Thank you so much for posting them!

    Sounds like the time a Q was great!

  4. Great pictures of the sculptures. They're on my ever growing list of things to see and places to go. Sure enjoyed our times together last week.


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