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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Joshua Tree and the Mohave National Preserve


A shot of our site at Borrego Springs.  An untouched photo.  Can you believe those clear blue skies?

IMG_0798.1 (Medium)

We pulled out of Borrego Springs with no definite destination in mind. We had planned to head toward Joshua Tree NP with intentions of staying at Jumbo Rocks CG, but the temperatures there were below freezing at night and it just didn’t sound appealing.

We did do a drive through of the park,

IMG_0802.1 (Medium)

and found some Joshua Trees.  Quite unique.  Part cactus and part tree, from the appearance.  Leaves like cactus and bark like a tree. Not sure what the true classification is.

IMG_0817 (Medium)

                              IMG_0819.1 (Medium)

IMG_0821.1 (Medium)

From there we worked our way North through Twenty Nine Palms, Amboy, across I-40 and into the Mohave National Preserve.

IMG_0958.1 (Medium)

After talking to the visitor center on the phone, we located a back country campsite near the Kelso Dunes.  Quite a place to stop for the night. 

IMG_0822.1 (Medium)

what looks like mountains in the background are actually drifting sand dunes.

IMG_0883 (Medium) 

IMG_0885 (Medium)

No one around, and the only sounds were coming from a mountain dulcimer.

IMG_0829.1 (Medium)

I do believe that it was one of my favorite campsites of all time.  Totally quiet, no birds, no coyotes, no nothing, but the sounds of music.

The evening was capped off by a ho-hum sunset,

IMG_0839.1 (Medium)

but that was quite all right…..….jc


  1. Jerry...I keep maintaining you are the modern day "Lewis and Clark"...what a terrific
    find for camping..."ho-hum" sunset....you are BAD...GREAT shots of solitude....thanks for sharing...Horst

  2. Did you hear the whispering dunes? There needs to be a breeze to move the sand grains across each other, which sounds like a whispering sound. Cool sound, especially there where it is so quiet

  3. Now that looks like a terrific place to stay! It goes onto my Pinterest board.

  4. Dreamy! Wish I was campside listening to someone playing a dulcimer! What a sweet talent...next yr ME :)


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