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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Rainy Night in Alabama


The rain started last evening about dusk, and poured all night.  The soft sound of the rain falling onto the fiberglass roof lulled us to sleep, and awakened us this morning. It has now stopped, and we are awaiting the cold that is forecast to follow. 

Up until then, it had been a beautiful five days of sun and warmer temps.  Casita’s appearing through the woods.

DSC_0478 (Small)

All bases covered. The British Isles, Old Glory, and of course, Texas.

DSC_0479 (Small)

Sally met up with an old friend.

DSC_0480 (Small)

Once again, this is a beautiful park.  How many bridges do you see like this in a campground?

DSC_0486 (Small)

Before the rain moved in last evening there was an informal gathering of musicians in the pavilion.  They played for an hour or two.

DSC_0492 (Small)

DSC_0499 (Small)

DSC_0503 (Small)

DSC_0506 (Small)

Just a few notes on the gathering before the “Gathering”.


  1. Hope the weather clears up for you. Nice park and great pavilion.

  2. Fun! Sally looks happy. More Casita pics please!

  3. How lovely....love to have been sitting there stomping my feet to some tunes!

  4. Just a few notes ♫ ♪ on the gathering? Clever! ;)

  5. The next post "A cold night in Alabama"!!!

    Love being a neighbor! Great bread pudding!

  6. It was great meeting you guys!! Always nice to finally get to meet our blog friends. Gunter Hill is beautiful and we really enjoyed the music last night!! Tonight...COLD!!!

  7. Doesn't look like the rain "dampened" a great time....appears Wanda and Mmoe are enjoying the "Jam Session"...hopefully the weather will improve and you can take some of your awesome sunset photo's...Horst sends

  8. Looks like you had a nice time with the people playing their instruments.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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