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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Quartzite II


After leaving the Imperial Dunes, we made our way back to Dome Rock, near Quartzite.  It was the week of the Quartzite Gathering, and we wanted to attend a couple of days before heading toward home.  When we arrived there was already twenty or more trailers present, though the event didn’t officially start till Thursday.

IMG_6623 (Medium)

As the week progressed, more and more arrived. Just pick your piece of the desert and set up.

Our spot.

IMG_6641 (Medium)

IMG_6631 (Medium)

It was really great to meet up with many of the Casita and Blogger friends we have made through the years.  John and BJ, Lynne and David, Jim and Carolyn, Don and Kathy, Paul and Sharon, Mike and Gail, GrandJan, all the Diane’s, and many more.  Much better than any other reunion we’ve attended.  All those folks, and many more, all because of our silly little trailer.  As my brother says, it’s a cult.Smile

I didn’t take many pictures.  Just spent our time wandering around the area during the day, and visiting around a campfire each evening.  And though we departed the gathering early, it was reported that over one hundred molded fiberglass rigs were counted as attending on Saturday.

Departing the area, we made it to Deming, NM the first night, then the Davis Mountains of Texas the next evening.  Road weary, we decided to take a day to rest…..jc


  1. That's a whole lot of eggs in the desert!!

  2. What a sight all those little eggs gathered on the desert.

  3. I like the idea of a rest day...we need to take some on the way home.
    Enjoyed our time with you two....see you next month!

  4. With the temps this week, those eggs might have been hard boiled! ;)

  5. Nice gathering of the Casita Clan....Safe travels home....Davis Mts is a great place to charge the "human Batteries"...Horst sends

  6. There is a great Observatory in the Davis Mountains. We attended a star party there one night in January of 05 I think it was. Think it might have been called the McDonald Observatory but not sure.

  7. We were there! Hope to meet you in the future. It looks like we share the passion of travel and fiberglass dwellings. Thanks for featuring us in your blog links--Charley and Kamala Sunshine Travels.


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