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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Desert Bar


We departed Kofa NWR on Saturday morning, heading for a RV park in Ehrenburg, AZ.  Located on the Colorado River near I-10, it fit the bill for a place to dump, refill, and watch the Super Bowl.  How about that game?

Sure hated leaving one of our favorite places of all time.

IMG_3653 (Medium)

While in Ehrenburg, and waiting on the game, we decided to make a drive up to Parker, AZ and visit an Arizona landmark.  The Desert Bar, or Nellie E saloon, is located at the end of a five mile, rocky, dirt road

IMG_3680 (Medium)

Open only during the Winter months, two days a week, noon till 6 PM.

IMG_3679 (Medium)

Quite a place.

IMG_3656 (Medium)

IMG_3658 (Medium)

IMG_3659 (Medium)

IMG_3670 (Medium)

IMG_3660 (Medium)

There was a band playing great music.

IMG_3662 (Medium)

Everything powered entirely by solar, with propane for cooking.  Food wasn’t cheap, but what is in the desert?

                            IMG_3669 (Medium)

IMG_3673 (Medium)

Mark another one off the list….jc

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