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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Which Direction?



We’ve been home for most of the last two months.  Had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading blogs, worrying with Live Writer, and trying to pick our next destination.

With all the weather events the past few weeks, it isn’t an easy decision.  Record high temperatures in the South, record cold in Arizona,  tornados, floods, ice, snow, what have you.

Originally the plan was Arizona, again.  We have a number of friends making their first visit to Quartzite this year, and we would love to be there to greet them.  It may still happen if things warm up a bit out there.

Another option is Florida.  Some friends are spending a few weeks in the Ocala area.  The only thing wrong with that is much the same as Arizona.  Only hot and humid rather that cold and windy.

We still have a few days before making a decision.  Leaving tomorrow to join a few friends in Louisiana.  Big plans for New Years!!  Smile  …..jc


  1. Love that header picture. We're in Tampa now and it is certainly hot and humid, however that will certainly change. In fact, we're expecting a cool front by the week-end. Ocala is a lovely area and will be less humid and hot than south Florida.

  2. We can certainly understand the lack of enthusiasm for Arizona. Freezing temperatures sound miserable.
    Talked with a friend yesterday in Quartzsite...she says the sunny days make up for the cold nights.
    We enjoyed our winter in FL a few years ago...except when we heard about all the fun others were having in Q without us. So we will brave the drive and be heading west as soon as the mom can spare us.

  3. Been planning on Q next month but will also be keeping an eye on the weather. Been cold and snowy in southern UT.

  4. Throw a couple darts at a US map..... :) Have a road trip New Year with Friends...I'm sure it will be a "hit"...Take care and may the New Year be your best ever!!!! Horst sends

  5. Looking forward to following along wherever you travel! Thanks for sharing this past year. Lots of work, I know. Please know that your readers appreciate it! We will be taking our Parkliner from NC to NE FL in early Feb, which is a first for us. Will be fun regardless of weather.

    -- Anne P


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