"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Year End Wrap Up


This is really a test of the new Open Live Writer program.  Though it has been available for a few days now, some folks are having problems posting pictures.  I thought this would be a good way to see if it works for me.

One of our first stops of 2015 was Seminole Canyon SP in a remote area of south Texas.  The Shaman gave us his blessing.

IMG_6034new (Medium)

Moved on the Big Bend area.  Spent most of a week sitting between Big Bend NP and Big Bend Ranch SP.  Really enjoy that part of the Country.

IMG_6121new (Medium)

From there we moved on toward Arizona.  A week or two later found us in Kofa NWR.

IMG_6406new (Medium)

Awesome sunsets.

IMG_6363new (Medium)

We spent a few days at Dome rock with some other little trailers.

IMG_6640new (Medium)

Attended the first annual Bloggerfest.

IMG_6377new (Medium)

And hit the Desert Bar on Superbowl Sunday.

IMG_3673new (Medium)

Too close to Slab City not to give it a looksee. 

IMG_6585new (Medium)

IMG_3685new (Medium)

Our little compound.

IMG_3686new (Medium)

You can’t get to Slab City without passing Salvation Mountain.

IMG_3694new (Medium)

We visited Fort Davis, back in Texas.

IMG_6668new (Medium)

As well as the McDonald Observatory.

IMG_6737new (Medium)

Made it to Alabama.

IMG_6801new (Medium)

Watched towboats from our site on the Tenn-Tom waterway.

IMG_3873new (Medium)

And visited the Little White House in Warm Springs, GA.

IMG_6933new (Medium)

Back to Colorado in July. Buena Vista.

IMG_7151new (Medium)

IMG_7268new (Medium)

Zip lining near Salida.

20150717_110230.new (Medium)

Chilling near Gunnison.

IMG_7322new (Medium)

Hiking near Silverton.

IMG_4094new (Medium)

IMG_4175new (Medium)

From Colorado we moved into Northern New Mexico.

IMG_4202new (Medium)

IMG_4204new (Medium)

We also made the Kansas Gathering, spent some time in Iowa, and spent a week in the Land Between The Lakes area of Kentucky.   We wrapped things up under the hill in Natchez, while chasing balloons the last of October. 

20151015_182550_Richtone(HDR)new (Medium) 

20151016_080501_Richtone(HDR)new (Medium)

We’ve been home most of November and December.  Hope to get the wheels rolling again soon after Christmas.


  1. My lord, what a year of traveling for you two. Love the recap. Have a wonderful holiday time and safe travels for next year.

  2. Nice wrap-up. Looks like another OLW convert. :-) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that we see you early in the New Year.

  3. I always enjoy the end of the year wrap ups, and yours is the first that I've read.

    Guess I'm going to have to try OLW pretty soon...

  4. Terrific summary of your Guys adventures this year...great places you landed...really like th sunsets......tske care, maybe our pahs will cross next year....Horst sends

    1. Guess I need to proof better...the old Mac is on its last leg.....and misses letter(s) at times...oh bother...Horst sends

  5. Amazing recap of your 2015 travels. Really enjoyed the photos...enlarged them and remembered the great times we shared during the year.

    (Appreciate you adding my new link and thanks for the OLW link)

    Wishing you two the best in 2016 and hope our paths cross frequently!

  6. You two really got around this year. Hope to see you on the road. I'm trying to get to the blogger-fest next month.

    Merry Christmas!


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