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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pie Town


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About forty miles into New Mexico from the Arizona border on Hwy 60 you will enter Pie Town.  A wide place in the road that you could miss on a dark night; it is known throughout the modern World as the location of pie(s).

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Pie Town is without many of todays modern conveniences such as cell phone service.  When was the last time you saw a working one of these?

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What it does have is pies of many variations.  Pecan/oat, apple/red chili, and many other flavors.  All warm from the oven, as the kitchen was visable and they were working hard to keep up with the demand.  One of the owners was constantly calling back telling them what kind to start next.

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We tried both of those mentioned and they were fine.  Not cheap, but a piece of pie and a cup of good coffee really helped the boring miles go by.

Just another one of life’s little surprises…..jc


  1. Now thats my kinda "Historical Site"....looks like everybody is participating(and smiling) in the "dig" :)) Horst sends

  2. Oh how neat! My husband and I stopped there and enjoyed fare...there was also a house across the way butted up against a mountain we would have loved to owned...
    We just bought a FR3 Motorhome a while back. Love to travel when we can get away from the job.
    Safe travels!


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