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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Cave Creek Canyon

As mentioned in an earlier post, we had decided to make our destination for the weekend Sunny Flat campground, near Portal, AZ.  Cruising West on I-10 near the turnoff to New Mexico Hwy 80, the scenery didn’t hold much hope.

IMG_2136 (Medium)

Once we turned South, things begin to look a little more appealing, but still no beauty to speak of.  The highway runs from I-10 in New Mexico to Douglas, AZ.  I expected more traffic but there were few trucks, and fewer cars.  We never knew at which point we crossed in Arizona.  I guess in these sparse lands, it doesn’t matter much.

IMG_2139 (Medium)

We’re heading over there, someplace.  The Chiricahua Mountains. 

IMG_2143 (Medium)

Cave Creek Canyon, to be specific.  Once the homeland  of the Apache chief, Cochise, and his Chokonen band.

IMG_2157 (Medium)

 IMG_2164 (Medium) IMG_2170 (Medium)

The campground was everything we hoped it would be. 

IMG_2152 (Medium)

Surrounded by towering cliffs, pockmarked with caves large and small, it was a beautiful area.  The temps were in the high 60’s under clear blue Arizona skies.

IMG_2165 (Medium)

IMG_2166 (Medium)

IMG_2167 (Medium)

IMG_2173 (Medium)

IMG_2176 (Medium)

The sun goes behind the mountains shorty after 4 PM.

IMG_2179 (Medium)

It doesn’t take it long at all for dusk to arrive, and the temperature start to fall.

IMG_2185 (Medium)

Sunny Flat Campground has been everything we had wished for.  Beauty, warmth, a great site, and nice neighbors from Vancouver, BC.  Our first Southwestern stop of 2018 ranks a 10.

IMG_2160 (Medium)

More on the area next time….jc  


  1. Great location...that's where I wanted to camp back in 2015 but the area was flooded as I recall...See you got some solar...looking good...Take care and enjoy...though I know you will..Horst sends

  2. Isn't that just the most gorgeous spot!

  3. You can't beat that ranking!! Beautiful spot!! Enjoy!!

  4. That is a beautiful area. We have spent several weeks there years ago now. Another place we need to go back to.


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