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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Crack in the Rock

While the town of Lake Havasu has lots of interesting places to visit, and dozens of great restaurants for eating, I was getting antsy sitting around the state park.  I found a brochure that mentioned a few hikes.  One, called Crack in the Rock caught my attention.  It looked to be about the correct length, five miles round trip, and enough of a challenge to be fun.  Wanda was a bit concerned about me doing it alone, but as she dropped me off at the trailhead , there were dozens of hikers there.  She was very happy to see that I wouldn’t be alone.  She had no clue they were all doing a group hike of another trail.

I checked the map, took a photo of it with my phone, and headed for the Crack. The day was hazy, and made for some lousy photos.

20180130_082340 (Medium)

20180130_082326 (Medium)

The trail began as nothing but a two track.

20180130_082738 (Medium)

It wasn’t long before it entered a sandy wash.

20180130_085254 (Medium) 20180130_085614 (Medium)

Lot of interesting geology along the way.  Many seperate layers of mud, sand, and rock, laid down eons ago, tilted upward by forces we can only inagine.

20180130_092717 (Medium)

Entering the Crack.

20180130_093022 (Medium)

20180130_091005 (Medium)

There was some boulder hopping, and a couple of tight spots.  The most intersting was this slide.  About twelve to fifteen feet high, I thought about it for a minute or so.  Then said to myself, what the heck.  Threw my hiking stick and backpack down.  Then I had no choice but to go on. I did cheat and use the rope.

20180130_090157 (Medium)

Another interesting spot.  Glad someone carried that piece of ladder in there.

20180130_090714 (Medium)

Finally made it to the lake.

20180130_094605 (Medium)

20180130_094636 (Medium)

20180130_095127 (Medium)

A boating access campsite.

20180130_095811 (Medium)

I took another route back to the trailhead.  Up, and over, rather than back up the wash.

20180130_102256 (Medium)

That guy, again.  My hiking partner.

20180130_102710 (Medium)

Looking down on folks after they have exited the crack, making their way toward Lake Havasu.

20180130_103420 (Medium)

I made it safely back to the trailhead, and called Wanda to come pick me up.  Topped off the hike with a stop at IN-n-OUT Burgers for a Double Double, fries, and a chocolate shake….jc



  1. Sounds like you had yourself a great hike!! I'd probably have kept Wanda company though!! Haha!!
    You guys are sure in a beautiful area!! Enjoy!!

  2. Another great adventure! Not sure if I would have enjoyed that one. We need to find a couple of hikes to keep us sane during the rally.

  3. Wow quite a hike...you did good..looks like some great surroundings..I understand there's a lot of BLM land and dispersed camping..Its on my wish list, Thanks for sharing...safe travels. Horst sends

  4. Great area... we missed it while we were there:(


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