"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Still Chasing Sunshine

We departed Crane’s Mill park around eight AM yesterday(Wednesday) morning.  The temperature was still below freezing as we pulled out of the campground, but the forecast was for warming up and sunshine.
Imagine our surprise as we pulled off the highway in Sonora for gas, and met old friends.  The first station we pulled into was a madhouse due to abandoned cars at the pumps.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why people won’t move their vehicles from the fuel islands if they’re going inside to shop.  Anyway, we moved across the interstate and pulled into another station.  Yellow bags on all the pumps.  A few choice words, and we moved across the street.  As we approched the station, Wanda said there’s an Escape.  Not just any Escape, but Lynne and David from Tennessee.  We had a few minutes of hugs and small talk, and agreed to spend the night in Ft. Stockton.  Ft. Stockton RV park was the destination and their chicken fried steak was the meal of the evening as we caught up on each others lives.  Obtw, still no sunshine to speak of.
Today found us on the road before eight.  We hoped to get to Deming New Mexico, and Dream Catcher Escapee’s park for the night.  The morning was cloudy and cool, but no rain or ice, so we made good time.  Approaching El Paso, I was again amazed at the air polution that seems to always be along the Rio Grande.  I know it has to come from all the factories just below the border, but it is an aweful sight to see.  Even thought it was cloudy, it stood out like a big dirty cloud hovering just above the ground.
IMG_2101 (Medium)
IMG_2103 (Medium)
Every time we travel this part of I-10 we meet eighteen wheelers carrying big yellow crates.  Apparently, El Paso is a port of entry for Can-Am off road vehicles.
IMG_2105 (Medium)
We took the bypass around the North side of El Paso.  Though it may be a few miles further, it’s been our choice of route for the past few years.  We miss all the downtown traffic and construction delays, as well as enjoy some nice scenery.
IMG_2113 (Medium)
Entering New Mexico is always a mixed bag for me.  On the one hand that is when I feel that I’ve finally entered the Southwest, and am happy about that.  On the other hand, the twenty or so miles from the state line to Las Cruces is depressing.  The factory dairy’s that line the south side of I-10 are aweful looking to me.
IMG_2117 (Medium)
IMG_2118 (Medium)
We don’t have such operations around home.  Our dairy’s are still mostly small, and the cattle still get to enjoy munching on grass most days.
Other unexpected roadside vistas consist of cotton bales waiting for ginning, and pecan orchards.
IMG_2115 (Medium)
IMG_2119 (Medium)
IMG_2122 (Medium)
As we were getting closer to Deming we could see a small band of blue sky toward the Northwest.
IMG_2132 (Medium)
The view was interupted by a long line of billboards.  Apparently Lady Bird didn’t have much influence in New Mexico.
IMG_2131 (Medium)
Just before we exited the interstate in Deming, the sun came out. Our plans now are to slow down and enjoy ourselves.  Al, of the Bayfield Bunch, posted a few days ago about a campground near Portal, AZ.  The area hold lots of interesting places.  That is out destination for tomorrow.  Hopefully we will get a site, and be there though the weekend at the very least.  From there, we aren’t sure, but I’ll bet it will be someplace warm, and hopefully sunny….jc


  1. I always hate it when heading into Las Cruces and come over the last hill and see smaze, dust, smoke around that area - especially when there isn't wind. Some of that mess is activity from the tail end of pecan harvest. Lots of dust from the machines they use after shaking the trees and the burning of twigs & branches, etc. Also a lot of the ground is being prepared for spring plantings too. The area is the livelihood of many folks though. But ah, when there is a wind blowing, it is pretty looking down the Rio Grande Valley and towards the Organ Mts, just east of Las Cruces. Fortunately we don't get that air pollution up here in the TorC area.


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