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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Miss Laura's Social Club

Only in Ft. Smith, AR would you find the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center in an old house of prostitution.  In fact they not only converted it into their offices, they also created a museum to the working girl.

The downstairs had been remodeled into the way it looked around the year 1900, or so. There were different displays about the girls and the clientele.

The gentleman's waiting lounge.

The upstairs was a mixture of modern day offices and museum.  You must have been special to get your name etched in glass above your door.

A typical room, or two.

Traveling day.  If you look closely, you can see part of a modern office through the doorway on the left.

He apparently left in a hurry to forget his hat.

One of the more unusual museums we have visited.  Very informative and fun.  And all we were looking for was the Visitor Center.................................................jc


  1. Well now you can always say you have been in a house of ill repute!! LOL
    What an amazing find while looking for the Visitor's Center!!


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