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Sunday, November 27, 2011

What a Thanksgiving!


Wow! It is Sunday evening, after Thanksgiving weekend.  It has been quite a Holiday.  No pictures were taken to record all the events that took place, but the images will remain in our memories forever.

Our friends from Memphis which we balloon with arrived Wednesday pulling their 38’ Sundowner horse trailer.  Now you have to understand that this trailer has never see a horse, and has fantastic living quarters in the front two thirds.  The horse area is home to all the stuff which makes traveling with two balloons and associated equipment possible.

They attempted to get a reservation at a nearby state park but weren’t successful.  As there was no way they could maneuver such a trailer and tow down our driveway, we made arrangements with our good neighbor for them to park near his barn.  Even getting it parked there was somewhat of a challenge, but it was accomplished.  The balance of Wednesday was spent visiting and enjoying a supper of homemade lasagna.

Thursday found all of us traveling up to my old family stomping grounds, and having Thanksgiving dinner with between twenty or thirty other family and friends. Turkey, dressing, dumplings, ham, etc.  You get the picture. Arrived back home around dusk and everyone collapsed into recliners until bedtime, which came real early.

Friday morning we had a small community breakfast at our home.  Biscuits, bacon, jams and jellies, butter, molasses, drinks, etc..  That carried us over till the big game, LSU/ARK, kicked off.  Then it was snacks during the game, which came out as hoped. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!  Friday night found us driving to a nearby town to feast on some great seafood.

Saturday found us taking them to New Orleans for the day.  Someone had told them about a small restaurant, Mothers, which was to have the best poboy in Nawlins.  Don’t know about that, but they were pretty good.  My recommendation is the “debris” poboy with a side of crawfish etouffee. We did a little of the tourist thing with them around Jackson Square and the French Quarter.  Arrived back home in time for the EGG BOWL, Ole Miss/Miss State.  Another game that came out to our liking.

Today, Sunday, found us all attending church, having a farewell lunch, and getting them on their way home.  It had rained all night and there was some concern about getting the trailer out of its spot.  Turned out it was easier getting out than in.  They were on the road by 1PM.

Wanda and I spent the balance of the afternoon just sitting and napping through a couple of football games.  It was a great four days with the best friends anyone could wish for.  Now it’s time to try and work off all those calories we have consumed.  Will be doing a little carpentry work the next few days, so that should help as long as I ignore those leftovers in the refrigerator. 

Hope everyone reading this had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know we did.  Until next time………jc


  1. Sounds like you had a terrific Thanksgiving!! Lots of good food, good friends and fellowship! It doesn't get any better than that!! :-)

    That LSU game was awesome!! GREAT outcome!! Now they just have to beat Georgia...shouldn't be too hard!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving Holiday...sounds like it was just what the "Doctor" ordered...and the icing on the cake was the LSU game.....who would have thought there was life at LSU after Pete Maravich..haha...Take care...Horst sends


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