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Friday, February 13, 2015

Davis Mountains State Park


After two days driving, we were looking for a break.  I had read some blogs reporting on the Ft. Davis, TX area.  Davis Mountains State Park was also nearby.  We had purchased the Texas park pass the first of January, so it made sense to check it out.  A really nice park located between I-10 and Alpine, TX. The altitude was over six thousand feet and provided some outstanding views of the countryside.  Can you spot the two Casitas in the picture below?

IMG_6760 (Medium)

IMG_6763 (Medium)

IMG_6644 (Medium)

One of the reasons for stopping there.

IMG_6733 (Medium)

IMG_6667 (Medium)

A pre-Civil War outpost on the San Antonio-El Paso road.  A new visitor center had lots of displays.  Not only of the fort, but of the area and cultures within.

IMG_6654 (Medium) IMG_6655 (Medium)

IMG_6658 (Medium) IMG_6664 (Medium)

IMG_6666 (Medium) IMG_6685 (Medium)

Horses and goats had free range of the area.

IMG_6668 (Medium)

IMG_6730 (Medium)

Lots of ruins,

IMG_6683 (Medium)

and artifacts like old square nails and broken window panes lying around.

IMG_6721 (Medium)  IMG_6724 (Medium)

IMG_6695 (Medium)

Officers Row.

IMG_6699 (Medium)


IMG_6707 (Medium)

The patterns in the adobe reminded me of petroglyphs.    

IMG_6702 (Medium)

There were restorations of the enlisted barracks, an Officers quarters, the Commanding Officers home, the Commissary, and the post hospital.  I didn’t take pictures in any of those because everything was behind glass. That makes for good reflections and poor photos.

Well worth the stop if you are ever in the area……jc


  1. Love that area. The town, scenery, state park, National Park site, most of all McDonald Observatory.

  2. Agree, it is a pretty cool place to see and spend some time exploring - and just relaxing.

  3. We stopped there once, when they played "revelry" it gave me goose bumps, I could almost see the soldiers marching.

  4. As often as I've been in Texas, I've never stopped there. Interesting how the horses and goats just wander where they want.

  5. This looks like an interesting park with great views.

  6. I think camping at 6,000 ft in the winter would have scared me off...too scared of getting cold.

    Really liked that second photo!

  7. Looks like a cool stop....maybe next year!

  8. Looks like a cool stop....maybe next year!


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