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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BeBe to Q


We left the Big Bend area last Friday morning.  Stopped at the rest area dedicated to the Marfa Lights.  The state of Texas has created quite a facility with overnight parking for viewing.  Not sure how often they appear, but they have been doing it for quite some time.

IMG_7739 (Medium)

IMG_7737 (Medium)

  • After bypassing El Paso to the North, we planned to spend the night in Las Cruces.  We arrived there earlier than planed, so after a Walmart shopping experience we decided to head on to Deming.  Met a friend (Eileen) from Pheonix while checking in at the RV park in Deming. She was on her way to Lajitas to direct the Casitas in Lajitas Rally. We had a good visit before spending a windy and cold Friday night.  Saturday found us in Gilbert Ray campground in Tucson.  Had a wonderful visit with a dear friend that fulltimes in his Casita.  It’s always great to see Ed (Dutchman to many of you Casita Forum readers).  we also experienced our first Arizona sunset.

IMG_7742 (Medium)

Leaving Gilbert Ray late on Sunday morning had us arriving at Quartzite just in time for a Dome Rock sunset.

IMG_7748 (Medium)

Shortly after arriving, we received the news that there was to be a wedding on Tuesday, and we were invited.  The two people most responsible for giving us the courage to try  desert boondocking were getting married.

                           IMG_7751 (Medium)

Shortly after the ceremony we gathered at the Yacht Club for a reception dinner.  It was fun for all.

IMG_7752 (Medium)

There’s one in every crowd.Smile

IMG_7753 (Medium)

Wednesday morning, Wanda and I made our way into town and to the local flea market.

IMG_7768 (Medium)

IMG_7772 (Medium)

Love all the bright colors.  The lighting wasn’t that good but they all still stood out. Scarves, shirts, and I’m not sure what they were.

IMG_7755 (Medium)

IMG_7764 (Medium)

IMG_7765 (Medium)

Bags and hats.

IMG_7758 (Medium)

IMG_7762 (Medium)

Beads and food.

IMG_7766 (Medium)

IMG_7761 (Medium)

And of course, don’t forget the concrete statuary for your RV.

IMG_7757 (Medium)

And, if you had an ache or pain, relief was just minutes away.

IMG_7763 (Medium)

We’re just loafing, visiting, eating, and hanging out in general with five other couples; just East of Dome Rock…..jc


  1. Thanks for sharing your excellent photos! Enjoy those beautiful skies.

  2. Glad to hear that you joined the party. Are you attending the Bloggerfest at La Posa on Saturday afternoon?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Terrific recap..Marfa is a unique place as are the lights...have not seen them yet, tried twice..Great photography...really like the way you captured the bright colors...and as usual another magnificent set of sunset shots....thanks for sharing...enjoy...Horst sends

  4. Great post....will be shopping again tomorrow....don't want to miss anything.
    And thanks for the encouragement.

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