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Friday, January 15, 2016

De Anguila Mesa


IMG_7657 (Medium)

Just outside the campground is the Northern/Western end of Big Bend.  This trail starts from the golf course of Lajitas Resort. My hiking partner of the day was the same as earlier in the week.

IMG_7658 (Medium)

The first half mile or so was through desert scrub which looked the same in every direction.  Was really glad that someone had placed cairns.  Our destination was the high point on the right of the saddle.

IMG_7661 (Medium)

A very large cairn marked the starting point of the climb.  I think that’s the spirit of a Chupacabra hovering over it.

IMG_7663 (Medium)

To appease the spirit, I added a rock to the pile.  That’s it on the left side.

IMG_7664 (Medium)

The climb starts rather mild, but quickly become a pull for this flatlander.

IMG_7665 (Medium)

Looking back down on the basin floor where we started.

IMG_7679 (Medium)

Once on top. the views of the badlands of Mexico and Big Bend were awesome.  An oxbow of the Rio Grande.

IMG_7690 (Medium)

IMG_7698 (Medium)

Even in all that desolation new life continues to find a place of beginning.

IMG_7699 (Medium)

There was a small cairn on the peak, so I added to it also.

IMG_7692 (Medium)

After twenty minutes or so, it was time to head for home.  Way over there.

IMG_7689 (Medium)

We made it home safely, having enjoyed another great day in the desert southwest.

IMG_7709 (Medium)



  1. You're riding pretty high in the saddle, pardner!

  2. You are doing some impressive hikes!

  3. You are doing some impressive hikes!

  4. Great hike...I do enjoy that scenery...you took some magnificent photo's....have you seen any sign of "cougars"?...Horst sends


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