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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dome Rock, and more Quartzite


                     IMG_4375 (Medium)

There’s a large hill, or small mountain across the desert a ways that has a cross on top.  You can only see if from our area if you know where to look.  I decided to see if i could find the trail up to it.  After scrambling aroud a bit without finding the trail, I figured to just head for the top on the least vertical part of the mountain.

IMG_4367 (Medium)

It was a partly cloudy day and the pictures were dull.  This is the view toward the South.  Not much out there but desert and atv trails.

IMG_4369 (Medium)

And the view Eastward back toward Quartzite.

IMG_4370 (Medium)

The cross itself is only about five feet tall.  Nothing to tell about who placed it there that I could find.

IMG_4371 (Medium)

Dome Rock in the background.

IMG_4372 (Medium)

On the way down i saw this little guy, or gal.  Showing off, if only two inches high.

IMG_4374 (Medium)

On another afternoon we strolled through the real flea market of Quartzite.  No new stuff here, but there were some good looking used items.

IMG_4376 (Medium)

And then, there was stuff.  How about an old water pump, or some disk blades?

IMG_4377 (Medium) IMG_4379 (Medium)

Wagon wheels or pop art?

IMG_4380 (Medium) IMG_4383 (Medium)

Lots of old iron for sale. 

IMG_4378 (Medium)

Fishing gear.

IMG_4381 (Medium)

Bathtubs and barbed wire.  Just so you know, that ball of wire was priced at $50.00.

IMG_4386 (Medium) IMG_4387 (Medium)

Homemade toys and milk cans.

IMG_4384 (Medium) IMG_4391 (Medium)

Even a sleigh.

IMG_4389 (Medium)

And, if you didn’t see exactly what you were looking for, there were dozens and dozens of these bins you could dig through. 

IMG_4393 (Medium)

There’s definitely something here one could put to use, if they only looked hard enough…jc


  1. My brother would enjoy going through all that stuff, but to me it's just junk.

  2. Oh I just love a huge pile of junk to dig through....what fun!

  3. Oh I just love a huge pile of junk to dig through....what fun!

  4. Looking Good...I'm guessing Bloggerfest was a success.....Your last photo looks like my Camper when I arrive back home..:)) Enjoy and safe travels...I'm enjoying following your adventure...

  5. Lotsa fun here in Quartzsite, glad you made it to Bloggerfest, nice to meet you.

  6. Love that photo of the cross with Dome Rock in the background. Lots of great memories...a special week in the desert with good friends.


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