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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still in Carson City

Still in Carson City, NV in the RV park of one of the casino's.  They have the best amenities and rates so we take advantage of them.  This truck belongs to our neighbor.  Notice the step stool and the string they use to haul in up into the truck after climbing in?  Takes all kinds.

Took a drive out to Lake Tahoe today, but it was real windy and cold.  Even had a few snow flurries.

The lake was really rough with whitecaps, and clouds almost totally obscured the mountains across the lake.

Even with the rough weather, the water was beautiful.
Since the weather wasn't the best, we came back to town and did a few chores.  Got the oil changed in the truck and Wanda did a little shopping.  She decided to take a nap so I headed downtown to the old Carson City Mint.  It is now a museum of Nevada history. 

There were antique slot machines and antique wedding dress's in the same display area.  Never did make the connection.

There we also miners and mines, almost as real as they were 150 years ago.

There were guns, gold, and silver ores.  Can you imagine over $10,000 per ton for "rock".  How many tons does the average dump truck hold?

There was plenty of the machinery used in the mint to convert the bullion into coins.  Below is a bullion scale, coin stamp machine and some of the coins produced here.

Along with displays of some of the work areas and a commemorative coin issued for a Governor's conference held here in the early 70's.

Other examples of the way the silver from the area was put to use.

There were also bottles and buttons, along with autos and motorcycles.

Model of the state capitol and an Indian basket.

More antique motor bikes along with a couple of shots of their engines.

As you can see, I spent entirely too much time wandering around in the old mint.  Tomorrow we had planned to cross over the Sierra Nevada mountains into California.  At the present time both Interstate 80 and Hwy 50 are closed to all traffic without chains or snow tires, due to snow.  Since we have neither, we may be here a few more days.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  Hopefully, clearer weather......................................jc

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