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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Natchez Final Report


2011-10-16 (Large)

Saturday and Sunday seem a blur when I think back on it.  It was the most beautiful weekend Natchez has had for ballooning in years.  Sunny skies and moderate temperatures made it great to be outside.  Up early Saturday morning to get out, and get in the air.  That’s what we did Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and also Sunday morning.

2011-10-161 (Large)

We flew a few crew members that hadn’t had a chance to fly before now, and just had FUN!

2011-10-162 (Large)

Sunday morning was the best, as we got our son-in-law in the air, along with our grand daughter, for his first flight in the 12 years we’ve been flying in Natchez..  Also the conditions Sunday made for a fun time over the target as they were able to make multiple attempts at scoring.

2011-10-163 (Large)

Overall, it was a great weekend with friends and family.  Our shirts for this year say it all!


076 (Large)


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  1. Wow is all I say....that rivals anything they do in Albuquerque NM...and the Vistas of the Mississippi is much better...I am envious...right now I'm in White Sands leaving tomorrow...homeward bound...I think...BTW, how does one sign up for the Hot Air event.....the photo's where great as usual...Later Horst sends


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