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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PineKnot VII Gathering

Crockett Family resort was the site chosen for the seventh year of the Pineknot Gathering. There were quite a number of fiberglass trailers on site, days before the official opening. We arrived Monday around 3 PM.

The park is a fairly nice facility with full hookups and even a nice restaurant on site. The biggest drawback is the dirt and dust brought on by the drought Texas has been experiencing the last year.  The lake here is down by 6 feet or so, maybe more.

Definitely not the place you would want to go tearing along in your high speed bass boat. Trolling speed would be more applicable. The whole landscape looks tired, for lack of a better description. All the vegetation is wilted down and there are many examples of dead or dying trees and bush’s everywhere you look.

Dry streambeds and stock ponds are also everywhere.

Hopefully, there will be a wetter Winter than normal for the state of Texas, and the Southwest as a whole, so there can be some replenishment of water. If not, things will only be worse next year. Even Toledo Bend, on the border of Texas and Louisiana looked to be more dry land than water as we crossed it Monday. Kind of scary.

On a happier note, saw the sign today behind a friends trailer that I thought was neat, and also witnessed a nice sunset this afternoon.  Later.......jc

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  1. There is nothing like pictures to put the drought in perspective. It looks sad...very sad! I hope they do get a wetter winter, they need it!
    Your sunset picture was really nice!! Hope you have a great time at the gathering. Looking forward to reading all about it.


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