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Monday, October 17, 2011

Up and Away


2011-10-16 (Large)

Friday morning found us on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River North of Natchez.  It was a beautiful morning for the hare and hound balloon and bicycle race.  The bicyclist rides in the basket with the pilot as he tries to land as close to where the hare balloon touched down as possible.  The balloon crew carries the bicycle and tries to to be at the landing location with the bike at the same time.  The cyclist then races back to the Natchez Visitor Center, with both the pilot and cyclist awarded points for the least amount of time. 

002 (Large) 008 (Large)

009 (Large) 012 (Large)

Soon it was liftoff for our balloon.

017 (Large)

018 (Large) 020 (Large)

Arriving through the fog.

022 (Large)

After a safe landing and getting the biker on his way, it was off to breakfast and on to another school for more show and tell.

2011-10-161 (Large)

You’re correct.  Two different envelopes. Same pattern, but different colors and sizes.  The larger one for most flights and the smaller one for talks and glowing.

047 (Large)

Finished the day with a glow on the riverbank in Vidalia, LA.

2011-10-162 (Large)

Quite a day, and Saturday was yet to come.

On a side note.  No I don’t own a balloon, but we have some dear friends who do, and we are privileged to be a part of their hobby.  We get together with them a number of times each year.  Even made the trip to Albuquerque with them a few years ago.  Awesome place for ballooning!

At Natchez each year, we have the parents, children, grandchildren, and friends of four different families participating in a great weekend of fun and fellowship.  More pictures another day, maybe…………jc


  1. Sounds like a great time. Really nice pictures!

  2. All I can say Is WOW...I know where I'm going next year...I'm hoping it's an anuual event....thanks for sharing....I'm in Deming NM on my way to White Sands tomorrow.....Horst sends


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