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Friday, October 21, 2011

Up the Natchez Trace Parkway

Left Natchez on Sunday afternoon, driving up the Natchez Trace.  The parkway follows the old trails and footpaths of the frontiersmen of the early 1800’s.  After they floated their goods South to New Orleans, they made their way back upriver to Natchez and then by foot or horseback Northeast toward Nashville and the Ohio River Valley.

Spent Sunday night in Jackson, MS at Lefluers Bluff State Park.  A nice park just off the Trace.

IMG_5494 (Large)

IMG_5479 (Large) IMG_5490 (Large)

Monday morning found us traveling on toward Nashville.  After a short drive we arrived at Jeff Busby campground.  It is a free, NPS dry camping campground, situated right on the Trace.  No hookups of any kind. Just a couple of water faucets and toilets, but it is a really nice place.  Was surprised it wasn’t already wrapped up with our Canadian neighbors heading South.  Was told it was still a couple of weeks too early.

IMG_5501 (Large)

A little color already showing up in the few hardwoods scattered around the pine trees.

IMG_5503 (Large)

Tuesday found us again traveling North.  Our Destination the Meriwether Lewis campground and memorial site on the Trace in Tennessee.

IMG_5509 (Large)

A beautiful park and campground facility, both managed by the NPS.  Again the camping was free.  The site was where Meriwether Lewis met his fate while traveling the trace toward Washington DC in 1809.  Some say he was murdered, some say he committed suicide, but we will never really know.

IMG_5508 (Large) IMG_5513 (Large)

Not much left of the original building, just what looks to be the fireplace foundation.IMG_5516 (Large) IMG_5517 (Large)

It is sad to think of all the things he went through with Clark on the Westward Expedition, and all the contributions he made to science on that journey,  only to meet death at a lonely outpost on the Natchez Trace.

We barely beat the rain. It was beginning to sprinkle as we headed back to the CG.  The color is getting better the further we go.  Hopefully, if the rain goes away and we get some sunshine, the next few days should be awesome.

IMG_5519 (Large)

That’s it for now…….jc


  1. I hope the wind and rain didn't knock down all the leaves. The colors are just gorgeous there, and I love cypress swamps. :)

  2. Great picture of the fall colors along the road. We spent some time along some parts of the Trace. It has some very interesting history.

  3. this last photo....AMAZING...thanks for sharing...you Guys are living the life.....keep on posting...I'm in Van Horn...heading back...will go south on 90 tomorrow and end up somewhere....Horst sends


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