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Friday, July 27, 2012

Lost Johnny Point CG

IMG_7546 (Medium)

Nope, I don’t know who Johnny was, or how he got lost, but he managed to have a really nice campground named after himself.  We pulled into it on Tuesday morning and again got lucky.  Snagging the premier site with a great view of the Hungry Horse Reservoir.

We had to wait a couple of hours before moving in though. The host asked if we minded waiting as the site had been promised to a group for a picnic.  When she explained who was using it for their noon meal, we gladly agreed to wait.

IMG_7434 (Medium) 

First Descents was doing one of their outdoor adventure experiences for Cancer patients and survivors.  This is a program which allows participants to experience the outdoors free of charge.  What an awesome thing for someone to do.  Check them out on the web at http://firstdescents.org/.

As we watched they were just going through the safety rules, but it wasn’t long before they had them in the lake.

IMG_7436 (Medium)

IMG_7438 (Medium)

After lunch, and before they departed for the day, they were all doing Eskimo rolls and other fancy kayak moves.

Speaking of the lake, it is beautiful.  Surrounded by green forest all around.

IMG_7481 (Medium)

IMG_7488 (Medium)

Sally especially likes it as there are lots of sticks everywhere along the shore.

IMG_7492 (Medium)

there’s nothing like a good stick to chew, in her opinion.

IMG_7494 (Medium) IMG_7495 (Medium)

A beautiful place to spend a few days loafing; and if you look closely, you can see who has the recliner.

IMG_7530 (Medium) IMG_7541 (Medium)

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  1. Why does the dog always get the best seat in the house?? Wish we were there with you!

  2. Sally looks mighty proud of that stick! She's just adorable. Great camping spot - what a view!

  3. Looks like Sally is having a great time. Hope you are too.

  4. I'm really getting envious where you Guys are at....while I'm camping at Scott Lake State Park in Kansas with 105 degree heat...woe is me...I should be in Glacier....well soon enough I guess.....You folks sure find some beautiful spots...I'll be following your tire marks!!! Horst

  5. Looks like you all are snuggled into a mighty fine camping site!! Enjoy!!

  6. Looks like you all are snuggled into a mighty fine camping site!! Enjoy!!


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