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Sunday, July 29, 2012

They were Fantastic!!


IMG_7584 (Medium)

We spent our remaining time at Lost Johnny Point just resting, reading, and doing a little driving of the backroads around the area.  Didn’t see any wildlife to speak of, but enjoyed some more fantastic scenery.

IMG_7558 (Medium)

It varied from kayakers finishing an evening paddle to rushing mountain streams that made the most joyful sounds as the water rushed down to join the reservoir.

IMG_7569 (Medium)

Some views of the upper end of Hungry Horse Reservoir.

IMG_7572 (Medium)

IMG_7583 (Medium)

Can you spot the lone boat anchored way over there?

And, back to the post title.  Re: The previous post. They were truly fantastic.

IMG_1444 (Medium)

IMG_1448 (Medium)

IMG_1451 (Medium)

This is what I had to look at sitting at my feet while cooking those babies. Yes, she got hers.

IMG_1449 (Medium)

I intended to get a picture of a stack on the plate, but somehow I forgot.

Made it into an RV park in Kalispell for a couple of days to do dump the tanks, do laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  Totally surrounded by friendly folks from just over the border.  Seems Kalispell is a big vacation destination for natives of Alberta and British Columbia.

Moving on tomorrow, destination unknown.  Stay tuned for further developments…..jc


  1. Your pictures are stunning. Loved the pic of Sally.

  2. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous. Wish I were there.

  3. Nice photos Jerry--glad you enjoyed your stay at Hungry Horse.

  4. Awesome photos!! Those pancakes look really yummy!! :-)


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