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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Seeley Lake


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While visiting Janna and Mike on Thursday, they asked what route we were taking on up to Columbia Falls.  I told them we planned to take the highway North from Missoula.  They advised not going that way, and recommended a new route that they have taken a number of times.

  We had planned to make it all the way to Columbia Falls on Friday to meet up with friends from home, but they called us around mid day and said they wouldn’t be there till Saturday. The new route was taking us through some beautiful Montana countryside, and brought us to Seeley Lake around 3 PM on Friday.  We decided to see if we could get a site in one of the campgrounds for the night.  As it was late on Friday, I had my doubts we would find one.  The first one we stopped at was full, but the second one had one site available.  It wasn’t level front to back, but with the Casita, that wasn’t a problem.

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Nestled in among some huge Western Larch trees, it was the perfect site for us.  To give you some idea of the size of the trees, that’s Wanda’s shoulder peeking out around the one at the back of the trailer.

The view looking the other direction.

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We were on the upwind side of the entire campground, so we weren’t bothered by smoke from smoldering campfires as we slept with the windows open all night.  Even pulled out a light jacket before bedtime.  A really nice place for the night.

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We only had about 100 miles to go to get to our destination on Saturday.  We arrived around noon, and Brenda and James arrived close to 3PM.  We have spent the time since,  visiting and catching up on their travels.  Today, they drove the Going to the Sun Road while Wanda and I caught up on some chores.  Did some shopping, and Sally got a bath at the $5.00 self service Dog Wash.

Chicken on the grill for supper tonight, and I think the four of us are heading to Polebridge for Cinnamon Rolls tomorrow.

The view of the mountainside from our campsite, today.

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  1. It is on my must see list. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and have a good time. Hope those cinnamon rolls are goooooood. I can smell them from here.

  2. What gorgeous views from you campsites! Makes me wish I went west this summer...

  3. Just beautiful! The majesty comes through your photos.

  4. Don't know if we told you or not, Mike's Mom and Dad lived in Seeley Lake for many years--beautiful area and glad you found some jacket weather. Eat a cinnamon roll for us!!

  5. Great lake pictures, looks cooler than were we are:)

  6. Looks like you found an excellent route and a beautiful view!! Can't ask for better!! Have fun with your friends!!


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