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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ever think about Glass?


Traveling West back across Southern New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York, we hoped to see some color change in the leaves.  Though there were a few trees beginning to show a little color, most are still green.

IMG_5100 (Medium)

Arriving in the small town of Corning, New York; we did find color of another sort.

IMG_5110 (Medium)

Who would have guessed? It’s built of glass.

IMG_5111 (Medium)

I’ve never given much thought to glass.  It’s something we use every day in one way or the other, but unless I break it, never think about it.  This museum gave me an entirely different perspective. 

First there was an entire gallery dedicated to the history of glass making.  Glass was being made centuries before the time of Christ, and there were examples from archeological digs.

IMG_5156 (Medium)

IMG_5153 (Medium)

IMG_5157 (Medium)

All photo’s were taken through a glass pane, so reflection was a problem.  There were so many examples that it was impossible for me to keep track of what I was taking pictures of.  With that said, here are some pictures of GLASS.

IMG_5122 (Medium)

IMG_5133 (Medium)

IMG_5181 (Medium)

IMG_5177 (Medium) IMG_5173 (Medium)

IMG_5152 (Medium)

IMG_5205 (Medium)

IMG_5207 (Medium)

IMG_5124 (Medium)

There were separate galleries for Ancient glass, Roman glass, Islamic glass, Venetian glass, European glass, American glass, paperweights, and modern glass.  Also a crystal gallery.  I never imagined that a museum of glass could be so intriguing.  Wish I had taken photo’s of examples from each gallery, but there was so much color and beauty everywhere that I was just snapping a photo of what caught my eye at the moment.

Needless to say, if you are ever in the Finger Lakes region of New York, make the Corning Museum of Glass a must see.

IMG_5216 (Medium) IMG_5211 (Medium)

I hear chocolate, calling….jc


  1. It is an amazing place. I grew up nearby, so Corning glass was part of my childhood:)

  2. Your trip is making me want to move a New England trip further up my bucket list of places to visit. Beautiful pictures and awesome creations.

  3. have a nice had internet of late, so I just got caught up reading the last two entries on your blog....Wow, you and Wanda are sure seeing some terrific sights....and what a great job taking those photos to glass...you can sure tell the craftsmanship of the items...nice work my friend. take care and safe travels...I'm trying 2 post this comment via my cell phone and you have to be smarter then the implement you're working with....which I'm not so sure I'm doing..ha...Horst sends

  4. When I lived in upstate NY, any visitors were always taken to Corning.

  5. Beautiful pieces! If you like glass, visit Seattle's downtown area. Enjoying your posts and sharing your trip with you!

  6. Gorgeous glass! Another must when we get back that way!


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