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Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Kansas Gathering


The week following Labor Day is the time of year for the Kansas Gathering.  A small gathering of molded fiberglass trailers put on by some dear friends of ours.  This is our second time to attend.  There were Scamps, Casita’s, Escapes, and one classic from 1970 which I can’t remember the name of. Around thirty trailers, total.

IMG_4441 (Medium)

It takes place on Milford lake near Junction City, KS.

Mostly a rally of sitting around the campground visiting with friends, and planning the next meal.  There wasn’t a day that someone didn’t suggest visiting a local eatery, and most everyone went.  We definitely helped the restaurants in the area.

Though we had the normal pot luck supper one evening, I think the highlight was a pot luck breakfast.  Things looked pretty slim to begin with.  Thought most were sleeping in.

IMG_4442 (Medium)

But it quickly changed as things begin to arrive such as hot biscuits, gravy, mountain man breakfasts in Dutch ovens, Southwest casseroles in crock pots, and much more.

IMG_4445 (Medium)

Don’t think anyone was disappointed.

IMG_4458 (Medium)

We also had music.

IMG_4468 (Medium)

IMG_4470 (Medium)

IMG_4482 (Medium)

And lots of smiling ladies.

IMG_4472 (Medium)

There was even the appearance of a three headed dog.

IMG_4483 (Medium)

Overall, another great week with friends.  What more could you ask for?  Don’t know where the next post will come from.  We have some neighbors that want us to join them “Up East”, but haven’t decided yet.

IMG_4436 (Medium)

I guess we will make that decision, tomorrow…..jc


  1. I like the three headed dog, and that great sunset!

  2. Looks like a good time...sorry we did not make it this year. Surprised to see everyone eating inside....I don't remember a building.

    Wonderful sunset!

    Three weeks before we take off on our fall rallys!!

  3. Sure looked like a great time was had by all !!! The breakfast pot luck was four star ..... Everyone seemed to be happy with the choices ..... The music group would have been fun to partake and join in....... What a great group of friends !!!

  4. Been without internet for a while...Really enjoyed the Flint Hills posts...That's a place I've wanted to go for the last couple years...Rob had a "gathering" there in 2012, but I had SIL's promotion....He's says Autumn is a great time, so maybe next year...Awesome photo's, by the way!!
    Looks like the Kansas gathering was a hit...another magnificent sunset photo photo...Where to next??...safe Journey...Horst sends


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