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Monday, September 22, 2014

Moving South by East


We moved a hundred miles or so south on Sunday.  Decided to make Orchard Beach our destination for the next two evenings based on the availability of Passport America parks.  We picked out wild Acres based on RV Park Reviews website.

Nothing wrong with the place other than it’s more a mobile home park than an RV park.

IMG_5079 (Medium)

Most sites held a park model mobile home or permanent RV of some kind.  Very few actual travelers in for a short time.

While walking Sally this morning I came upon this in the middle of the park, with trailer sites all around it.

IMG_5094 (Medium)

The stone walls were constructed of blocks nearly twenty feet long and a foot thick.  I first thought it was an old home foundation, but quickly realized it was an ancient cemetery. All the markers were covered with moss and dirt.

IMG_5095 (Medium)

IMG_5093 (Medium)

Behind it was another fenced in area.

IMG_5092 (Medium)

  The tall monument tells the history of the family buried here.  Hard to read.

IMG_5091 (Medium) IMG_5088 (Medium)

                      IMG_5090 (Medium)

Kind of sad to find this piece of history from the 1740’s surrounded by travel trailers and mobile homes.

Later this morning we traveled the fifteen miles or so down to Kennebunkport. 

IMG_4979 (Medium)

IMG_4980 (Medium)

IMG_4992 (Medium)

Typical tourist town with lots of stuff for sale.

IMG_4988 (Medium)

IMG_4995 (Medium)

The bird was pointing the way to the Bush compound from atop a local church.

IMG_4986 (Medium)

IMG_5003 (Medium)

IMG_4999 (Medium)

Appeared no one was home. 

From there, we traveled down to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  More on that tomorrow..jc


  1. Great waterfront. Seems like a lot of parks are selling permanent sites now.

  2. Love little coastal towns...although this one appears to be rather affluent. Imagine you were shocked to see the ancient graveyard....wonder if any of the family lives nearby?

  3. It is kind of sad the graveyard is located in such a strange place!

  4. You're finding some interesting stuff....It is a shame that a piece of land was parceled up and the Rv park got the family cemetery...wonder if there are any living relatives...like the costal town...I think the Elder Bush is "Skydiving, and Bush Jr. is tending the Herd down in Texas...take care, I'm enjoying the Posts...Horst sends


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