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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A ride to PoleBridge


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Tuesday morning before moving down on the Hungry Horse Reservoir, Wanda and I headed North in search of Cinnamon rolls.  A beautiful drive North from Columbia Falls with views over into Glacier NP.

IMG_7404 (Medium) IMG_7409 (Medium)

Our destination was PoleBridge, MT.  The home of the PoleBridge general store and bakery.

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IMG_7411 (Medium) IMG_7419 (Medium)

You can purchase gasoline there.

IMG_7418 (Medium)

But, the sell more of these.

IMG_7425 (Medium)

Yes, Janna.  they are still just as good.

IMG_7423 (Medium)

Cooling by the open window.

IMG_7432 (Medium)

The view from the yard.

IMG_7429 (Medium)

Yep!! worth a seventy mile drive……jc


  1. Good for you! My husband and I have been known to drive just as far looking for the perfect batch of french fries. Still looking for the world's best cheesesteak too!

  2. My stomach is growling and my mouth is watering!!!

  3. So glad to know someone else who's been there! Don't know if the road is still as rough, but we could smell the baked goods miles away. At the time, they only had generators. I had an Apple Turnover that I will NEVER forget.

    I have heard that the best steaks in Montana are served for dinner at the restaurant.

    I thought their signage was hysterical. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very interesting. Could you mail off one of those cinnamon rolls and, I think I need one of those caramel rolls too.

  5. Now that's a destination I could love! :)

  6. What beautiful views...well worth the drive and getting those delicious looking sweet rolls put the icing on the cake!! You guys have fun!!

  7. Thanks for the tip on a good bakery, I'm always on the search for a treat when we're traveling...but now I'm hungry!


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