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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cedar Key

We arrived near the small town of Cedar Key, FL late Thursday afternoon.  Found a really great RV park about six miles from town and got all settled in.  Most folks in the park are here for the winter and they made us feel very welcome.  So welcome in fact, that though we originally checked in for two days, we went back and extended our stay for a week.
Friday morning found us in Cedar Key.  A small seaside village with one main street of modern shopping.  Thank goodness for that.
Plenty of places to eat.  I actually think there were more restaurants than retail shops.
IMG_6124 (Large)
There was something for everyone.  A kind of eclectic atmosphere.
A block back from the water are many examples of the old town architecture.
A little art of many different kinds is scattered around.
These guys were hanging around everywhere.
IMG_6125 (Large) IMG_6127 (Large)
I think they know. Though Cedar Key is a nice little seaside village, and tourism is very important to the area, the basis of their economy is still the same as it has been for years.  It comes from the waters of the area.
IMG_6162 (Large)
More later………jc


  1. Wonderful pix ! I especially like the cast net photo.

  2. Great blogs Big J. Looks like a fun place to spend a week...

  3. I love Cedar Key...I was there in Spring of 2010...only planned for a couple nights, but extended for more....Don't know if you've seen "The Low key Hideaway"...its a motel and RV park, right on the water...small...only about 5 or 6 sites, plus about the same number of rooms...run by a couple of RV'ers...full timed for some time....really into photography, names are Pat and Cindy....really nice, laid back couple...Pat even took me out for some owl photography one morning....There web site is on my blog list if interested "Every Miles a memory"
    Wish I was there with you guys.....what a neat town...kinda what small town America use to be....As always GREAT photo's....Hopefully you're missing the bad weather that seems to be north of you...Cheers...Horst sends with envy!

  4. Been to Cedar Keys a couple of times myself a few years ago.
    I had a 1999 Harley Sportster that I rode there on a day trip. Then I drove my Toyota there. Yes I really enjoyed it there even though I am a Florida boy anyways !!


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