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Friday, January 20, 2012

More Apalachicola Area

IMG_5971 (Large)

As we were enjoying our lunch on Wednesday, the nice lady serving us asked if we had stopped at the Estuary Aquarium.  Not quite the correct name, but close enough.  It was located at the foot of the bridge to St. George Island.

A practically new facility, it was a fun stop for an hour or so and the price was right; FREE!

IMG_5972 (Large)

There were three large marine  exhibit tanks with examples of fresh water, brackish water, and salt water environments.

IMG_5984 (Large) IMG_5974 (Large)

There were blue crabs, and horseshoe crabs.

IMG_5978 (Large) IMG_5980 (Large)

Can you see the flounder?

IMG_5981 (Large) IMG_5989 (Large)

Bones and shells, and jars, and stuff.

IMG_5990 (Large) IMG_5991 (Large)

IMG_5993 (Large) IMG_5996 (Large)

The four local bad boys.

IMG_5997 (Large)

As well as some local history of the area.

IMG_6001 (Large) IMG_6002 (Large)

A very good use of some of our tax dollars.  We would recommend it to everyone.  Until tomorrow,

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the end…….jc


  1. Oh wow, I have got to go back - was there in Feb '08 in their former location. That is really a nice place and looks like great displays.

  2. If I ever get back to Florida, I'll be sure to stop there.


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