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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Forgotten Coast (I stand corrected, thanks, folks.)

We decided to depart Fort Pickens yesterday morning.  We got away from the CG around 9AM and started driving East on Hwy 98.  All the tourist towns wedged between the Military bases and the Gulf of Mexico.  Ft. Walton, Destin, Panama City, etc.  As it was a Federal holiday, traffic wasn’t too bad but there were plenty of stop lights.  East of Panama City things begin to change.  Port St. Joe, Apalachicola, and Carrabelle  were more to our liking.  More like the old Florida.  Fishing rigs and oyster boats, along with roads paved in oyster shells.
We stopped for the night at a small RV park just East of Carrabelle.  Between the highway and the Gulf.  Nothing fancy, but a really neat place. Check out our personal palm tree.
019 (Large)
Sally especially likes it as she is allowed to walk along the shore and smell all those fantastic things that don’t exist back at home.  There are even beware of bear signs around.  The beach, if you can call it that, is narrow but just as much fun as the larger one’s.  As we are on some bay that is protected by offshore islands, the water is much calmer.
011 (Large) 012 (Large)
We made it down and back a couple of times today.
014 (Large) 016 (Large)
A look back toward the park.
001 (Large)
Didn’t do a lot today.  Took a ride to check out a nearby state park we may stay at on the way back through.  Wanda did a little laundry and for the most part, we just chilled.  May move on tomorrow, or stay here another day.  Really depends on the weather.
The sunset tonight was interesting.  Took a few shots to remember our visit.  For those of you that haven’t picked up on it;  I like sunsets.  I take more sunset pictures than anything else.  I just like’em.
IMG_5935 (Large)
IMG_5942 (Large)
IMG_5948 (Large)
IMG_5949 (Large)
IMG_5950 (Large)
IMG_5951 (Large)
As Porky Pig said “That’s all Folks”……………jc


  1. Beautiful area to explore - along the Forgotten Coast. I spent a month in Eastpoint and explored all over that area, thanks to friend Geri, one February. The islands, miniature cypress forest, shopping, eating, aquarium, lighthouses, wildlife refuges - lots to see or do nothing.

  2. Jerry--this coast isn't "Lost" it's "Forgotten" but surely don't know why as it is a great place to visit. I hope you get a chance to visit Appalachicola. You can park your RV under the bridge piers and walk a block or so into town. We stayed at Carrabelle. Wakulla Springs is not too far and definitely worth a visit. The boat ride on the springs and river is great. Really great photos in this post.

  3. That looks like the place I need right now. Glad you're enjoying it. "Uhlee's Gold" with Peter Fonda was filmed in Appalachicola. Our whole family ate in a restaurant--think it was in the film-the only game in town at the time. We stayed on the St. George Island. We crossed a bridge over to the island and birds had chosen it as their nesting ground. Unfortunately, there were many casualties from cars, but we were told they continue to return each year-your post brought it to mind. I just found this article to read and hope they have corrected the situation. http://tinyurl.com/7lfvdp4


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