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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Visit over BBQ


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Made it back into Mississippi Today.  Snagged a spot in Davis Bayou campground.  Part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and a place to use the geezer card. 8 bucks for water and electric, paved backin sites with some nice scenery around.  Pretty good deal.

Our main reason for stopping by again on the way home was to meet Judy again. The famous Judy who travels with Emma.

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We met for just a short time back in the Fall as she was traveling Through MS toward Texas.  As we knew she was presently volunteering near Ocean Springs, we made contact to arrange a visit.  We met for lunch at the famous Shed BBQ.  A really unusual place that has been on many food shows on TV.

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Someone even left a bill in Emma’s honor.

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We had a wonderful lunch with Judy as she shared many of her adventures.  We look forward to spending more time with her tomorrow as we take a tour of the refuge with her.

The scenery here in the campground is pretty nice.  A few hiking trails around marsh and woodland.

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IMG_6426 (Large)

Sally stumbled upon a whole (flock, gaggle, murder, herd??) of squirrels.  They spooked her as much as she did them.

IMG_6431 (Large)

Unusual patterns on old log.

IMG_6429 (Large) IMG_6430 (Large)

Gator pond. Can you see him?

IMG_6436 (Large)

Well hidden in the brush on far side.  Looked to about 10 feet long.

IMG_6439 (Large)

More tomorrow………..jc


  1. According to what my "list of animal group names" says a bunch of squirrels are either a "dray" or a "scurry". See what we can learn as we mature?

  2. That indeed looks like a real down home BBQ place:)

  3. I think a scurry of squirrels describes it best! Thanks again for the delicious lunch. :) I didn't know Emma ate there, but she is a 'wild child'.

  4. The Shed has great barbeque. I've stopped there on the way between Texas and Florida. Not so great parking for RVs but possible across the street.



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