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Saturday, August 18, 2012

3 Mile Campground


IMG_8109 (Small)

we departed Island Park and made our way to the West gate of Yellowstone.  We even entertained the idea of trying to get a campsite in the park until we saw the crowds.  We’ve been to yellowstone a number of times, but not in the Summer Touron season. What a mad house.  We drove straight through without stopping, until we were out the East gate.

Located 3 miles from the East gate of YS is a NFS campground.  We once again got lucky and snagged a wonderful site.  Located right near the bank of the Shoshone River.

IMG_8100 (Small)

IMG_8101 (Small)

The views from our site.

IMG_8104 (Small)

IMG_8107 (Small)

IMG_8105 (Small)

It came a thunderstorm with hail around dusk, which put Sally hiding in the bathroom.  We had a light rain most of the night, which caused a mudslide on the road just before the East gate.  This caused delays for those headed into the park, and turned our pretty clear river into a ribbon of brown.

IMG_8110 (Small) 

We really didn’t mind.  It was still a beautiful morning.

IMG_8111 (Small)

Our reason for traveling through Yellowstone  was to get to Cody, WY.  The home of this place.

IMG_8401 (Medium)

It’s going to take a lot of time to tell you about it……jc


  1. Oh, you guys are having way too much fun! We try really hard not to go to the park in summer!!

  2. Hard to beat that beautiful site that you got in the NFS campground. The Historical Center is a gem for sure.

  3. I got a little behind in my reading/comments! Glad you got the truck all fixed up and nice to know there are still good quality folks out there that do the right thing!!
    Love your site in the NFS campground. Enjoy Buffalo Bill Historical Center. We were there several years ago...so looking forward to revisiting through you guys!

  4. Beautiful blog...found you at hitchitch O:) We have the Casita...hubby retired and me next year so we can take off. Found so many wonderful insight but especially happy to find others that go in the Casita. We had our first sleepover in the drive last night...hubby healing from shoulder surgery. I must start at the beginning here...so overwhelming but I can't drag myself away from all the great reading! ~cozygirl itsacozylife.blogspot.com

  5. Looks like you have yourselves a beautiful spot there! I wouldn't be in too much hurry to move on.


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