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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Independence Pass, Aspen, and Paonia SP


IMG_8637 (Medium)

We left Buena Vista with Ouray, Colorado as our next destination for a few days.  We took the long way around.  Heading back North from Leadville to Hwy 82 and Independence Pass.

IMG_8636 (Medium)

Quite a view from up there.  This was the road we took up.  It was restricted to a total vehicle length of 35 feet.  Thanks to the Casita, we got to experience this beautiful drive.

IMG_8648 (Medium)

On the way down, we discovered how Aspen got its name.

IMG_8691 (Medium)

The remains of old mines seemed to be everywhere.

IMG_8671 (Medium)

IMG_8672 (Medium)

Check the size of those timbers.  Yep, I had to put something there for a reference.

IMG_8673 (Medium)

We traveled through the town of Aspen without stopping.  Not really my cup of tea. Hung a left at Carbondale, and found ourselves at Paonia State Park around 3PM.  The only ones in the campground until around dark when a camper van joined us for the night.

IMG_8705 (Medium)

About ten yards from our door was a pretty little stream named Muddy Creek.  It was sort of discolored, but not muddy by my standards.  The view downstream from our site.

IMG_8696 (Medium)

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  1. Wow! That is quite a campsite view.

  2. What a beautiful drive that had to be...lv it! ~cozygirl


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